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MPN registration waiting Business Verification for 10 days



I've registered our new company for MPN on 9th June, but stuck at Business Verification. "Legal Info" still waiting at "Business Verification" step, "Profile Info" declined at the same step. I've opened 2 support tickets and attached our legal documents but still there is NO reply. Also I've called Microsoft partner support and got a good reply as "there is no phone support for MPN".


Tickets below;


2106110010001502 - 6/11/2021, 11:39:08 AM UTC

2106160010001188 - 6/16/2021, 10:56:45 AM UTC


I think there is no one at Partner Support.

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Hello @Andra 


Kindly please help on these tickets


  • 2106240010001032
  • 2106240010001029

I have an issue with one of my Subscriptions and cannot access Emails, I want to move the active MPN to the one still under verification (Status rejected with unknown reason).


Appreciate your support as usual


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Hi @mahmoud_algindy ,


Thank you for tagging me!

You opened both cases today, so please allow the support team to respond and take over.


Thank you for understanding,


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I am in the same boat. I have 3 tickets open. I am literally going to lose a good customer because I can't sell him office. I have uploaded all documentation. 


2106140040005345 HELP GET ME VERIFIED! I Don't know what you want 6/14/2021, 8:19:28 PM UTC 6/15/2021, 8:19:29 PM UTC
2106140040005258 I can't verify my account. 6/14/2021, 8:04:11 PM UTC 6/15/2021, 8:04:13 PM UTC
2106110040004013 Verification Failed but Information is Correct 6/11/2021, 4:32:01 PM UTC 6/12/2021, 4:32:02 PM UTC

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Hello @OzkanFoo & @jasontechpro ,


Thank you for providing your feedbacks on community!

As a best practice for future is recommended to keep one case open at a time / issue. Opening multiple cases with support on the same topic could extend the time for response and create backlog.

For now I have forwarded the cases internally for a check.


Please allow two business days to receive an update.


Thank you,


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Hi @Andra 


I've got reply from Partner Support on 06/21/2021, include "We are pleased to let you know this account is now authorized. Please, note that it may take up to 10 business days for the changes to be reflected in your account. If the issue persists after this time, please re-open this ticket." 


But process still waiting on "Business verification". I'm waiting for more than a month, but still couldn't activated. 

Verification Status


Ticket ID : 2106110010001502 Still no response after 06/21/2021



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Hi @OzkanFoo ,

I submitted this case internally for a quick check.


I appreciate your patience,


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Hello @Andra


I am also in the same situation (registering a new company for MPN).

Here is my Service Request #: 2106170010001494

Kindly help to forward the cases internally for a check.


Thank you,