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MPN - Microsoft Azure bulk benefit - unable to add user

We have monthly and yearly MPN benefit to use for Azure.

When I try to add yearly bulk credit for user - I got message "This user is already assigned to another Microsoft Azure subscription. You can assign a different user to this subscription."

ButI can easly, in Microsoft Partner Center, assigne user for monthly 100eur benefit and later this benefit is avaliable (as an option during subscription creation) for this user.



Afaik this is special limitation of the annual offer, this article also mentions this can't combined with any other offering: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4515206/azure-cloud-products-benefits-tab-for-mpn-partners-in-partner-center

Of course there could be one user activating it and then this user makes the subscription available to other users - maybe you also want to create special user account for this not linked to certain person.

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It's a case - I try to add service account (have Office365 e3 licence and is used for info mail sending only) to this Annual subscription and got this message. What kind of account I should create to be able to created Azure subscription in my tenant and use this annual bonuss?


I would start with a user account with no other license assigned, e.g. create a fresh user account like "azuresponsorshipuser@contoso.com". Have you checked if you log in with this user account to portal.azure.com if there is a subscription listed?

In case there are further problem you can of course also open a support ticket reg. this.

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Same unsuccesfull result with new created user. Opened ticket in Microsoft Partner Center.

Were you able to figure out a solution to this?