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MAPS Software Benefits - Software Current Versions -1

I currently using Exchange Server 2014 running on Server 2012R2. I am in the process of upgrading my environment to 2016 as my hardware is not capable of supporting 2019 - specifically Exchange 2019 (128 GBs vs 2016’s 8 GBs). Unfortunately, I did not D/L the KEYS for Exchange 2016 prior to it getting removed from my Action Pack Subscription. As I am not in a position to upgrade my hardware what are my best options how best to obtain the necessary KEY. I understand the desire to keep the current license but I am disappointed that the program doesn't support current version -1. As the newer versions of the some of the software are removing features - such as 2019 Server Essentials vs 2012 Server Essentials.  If I had known when the KEYS would have been pulled, I would secured a copy of them, which I regret I did not do so. The thing truly find frustrating is that under my Visual Studio subscription I am able to D/L and get KEYS for Windows XP!  

Finally, I am not asking for "downgrade rights" I am asking that Microsoft consider supporting current version - 1 this will enable small (1 person) shops to better manage their Action Pack Subscription.  

PS: Not sure what the Labels is actually providing as my question is about Partner Benefits not a Partner to Partner issue.  The actual Thread path is MPC / Communities / Partner Guidance / Benefits Discussions – so how dose this translate to Partner to Partner?