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MAPS/Silver Partner benefits question



We have access to MAPS as well as the silver partner benefits. I've noticed that Microsoft ATA has been discontinued but it's "spiritual" cloud replacement (Defender for Identity) is not included in either MAPS nor Silver. So that is okay if they decide not to include a product in the benefits I can't really complain about that but I cannot seem to upgrade our Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 (included with cloud benefits) or our Azure AD to a subscription that includes Defender for Identity. 


Even using the sponsorship benefit included in the silver benefits doesn't allow us to upgrade. It takes us to a place where we need to provide a credit card number. We don't really mind paying the difference between what is included in our benefits to upgrade to Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 or Azure Active Directory Premium P2 [which I guess includes Defender for Identity) but it doesn't make sense for us to have both the benefit included E3/Azure AD Basic as well as paying full price for the upgrade version.


So how do I:

  • Upgrade and pay the difference between Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 and Enterprise Mobility + Security E5
  • Upgrade and pay the difference between Azure AD Basic and Azure Active Directory Premium P2
  • Use the sizable Azure sponsorship credit to purchase Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 or Azure Active Directory Premium P2

And does anyone know why the discontinued ATA was not replaced?


Hi @awz614 ,


Great you reached out to the community. While some partners might advise here, I think is safe for you to submit a case to support as well with these questions.

Feel free to use this link:


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