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MAPS Renewal Frustration and lack of responsibility

Need some help and guidance with collegues in the same boat... 


So I am a LONGTIME MAPS subscriber, and MS Partner (like 20+ years).. My renewal date was Jan 21, as it has been for as long as I can remember around the same time every year.. 


This year, I had already prepared and knew the changes that were coming of age with this cycle.. We had and were taking advantage of Cloud / Midsize specialicities and were already prepared to drop that offering as it was not going to be renewed.. and we have decided obtaining Silver or Gold compenticies were not in our financial interests... So we were prepared and ready to renew our MAPS pack, by itself utilizing the included IUR and Azure benefits.. This would more than adequatliy cover what we use the MAPS and be a great starting point for our upcoming plans....   We have NEVER objected to the cost of the MAPS cost, granted we always will seek alternatives for savings, if they are available..


So without any fanfair in mid jan; we were presented with a "Its time to renew" message in our partner portal; which I completed with no issues and renewed our MAPS subscription on Jan 16.. Over and done..


All my existing keys from previous MAPS and specialities for Office were present; and all had the expiration date of our existing MAPS subscription.. We had ZERO indication there was a issue;  Our Azure benefit didn't miss a beat and our IUR for Office E3 had been transitioned to 5 Users Internal; and 3 additional paid E3 subscriptions.. all is well in the universe; again we had no reason to look for a problem...


Then a month and a half later (March 25) I had attempted to login to benefit center and d/l our new Windows 10 Ent so we could do some dev work with SQL and Win 10; but I could not find the licenses in the portal; and there was a "red" ! in the partrner notifier center of service outages; which I completely just bypassed my issue and said to myself "i will come back to this later" not even thinking there was a issue...of the scale as is now...


Well; I don't have to beat or get on the COVID-19 Pandemic wagon and the timeframes that are now ensuing... but with an abundance of time this past week; I started to get my arms around this issue; only to now realize ALL of my existing software keys and such were now missing from my partner portal; with the exception of the following:


Azure Credit (Monthly)​ $100​
Windows 10 Enterprise - Learning VHD 100​
Visual Studio Pro​ 3
Microsoft Office 365 (E3) Seats​ 5
SQL Server 2019 Standard ​(Per Core) 2​
Windows Server 2019 Essentials​ 1​
Windows Server 2019  CALs​ 10​
Dynamics 365 – Customer Engagement​ 5​
Services: Technical Journeys​ 5 Hours
Support: Product Support Incidents​ 10​


I opened a support case with partner support and then started the waiting game... I received a "we are reviewing" email and was told a representative would be contacting me... a couple of days later I get email only response from a vendor rep for Partner management; and was basically told that I had purchased the wrong software and there was nothingthat could be done because it was past 30 days; I immediately replied back disputing this claim as to what was "purchased" and that I had not made a incorrect decision; and requested case be next leveled..  Two days later I again, get a email only from same rep; telling me I was pretty much out of luck; and they really would like to help me; but again; it was past 30 days; and I had activated the Azure benefit; so refund and or cancelation was not an option.  I again requested a PHONE CALL from a manager;   a few hours later a "supervisor" of vendor auth MAPS management emailed me again; and almost verbatium CCd what the first rep had said...


Very frustrated and armed with my proof of what had taken place I attached my documentation, copies of receipts, and details of case...   This rep; then proceeds to tell me, this entire issue was my fault becasue I had purchased a Learning Microsoft Action Pack and not renewed the Microsoft Action Pack... I again, via email only requested a supervisor to CALL ME so we could discuss and get to bottom of issue... and I had NOT purchased, as was told to me any such item;  and if what they were telling me would be true, then that would NOT have been a renewal; that would have been a new purchase all the way around; which I didnt do... in the fourth or fifth email only I had requested a phone call, with each response... only to be IGNORED...


Finally today at 2:45PM (April 7) a manager, called me from overseas; and prettymuch told me exactly what the two previous case workers had outlined and said there was no option of refund because it was past 30 days... In a very detailed and pointed dialogue with this person I told them I didnt give a rip nor had I asked for a refund; I just wanted the MAPS pack that I had renewed; as had previously been the case as far backas I could remember re-activated back on my account; that is all I wanted to fix the problem... She again told me this issue was because I had purchased a Learning Action Pack; and not the standard Microsoft Action Pack; not wanting to get into a unending conversation with impractical thinking and absurd customer service; I requested this case to be moved to executive management... and that I wanted a CALL from someone who possesed the capability to understand the problem and help me fix the issue...


I am not one that immediately launches a campaign in frustration but this is beyond crazy; and I hope that someone in the community can help me, help microsoft, help the partner community... I am a responsible longtime partner in Eastern North Carolina and enjoy ther longstanding relationship I have with Microsoft; and I do quite a bit of business in this market ALL on Microsoft...


Anyone, please feel free to chide in, email or call me... I will be more than happy to go into detail privately if there is someone that can offer a hand to help or suggest on next steps...




Ty Carter

Strategic Network Consultants Inc


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Thanks for looking at this; the short answer is NO.. To my knowledge I was never presented with any such optional selection.. I have renewed my MAPS subscription many times and have NEVER purchased ANY Learning Action Pack; thereby making it IMPOSSIBLE to renew.. I see and understand the "FLOW" of which the MS Reps continue to tell me that is what I selected... I would note that my whole issue here is being blamed for something that could have been nothing more than an error... I am not saying that somewhere along the line I didn't make a mistake, because unlike the great an powerful OZ of Microsoft and the man behind the great green curtain, is NEVER wrong, and their software is 100% free from defects and absolutely and without question works every single time without error... Obviously there is a issue; of which I DID NOT knowingly select; I just cant "prove" my error for or against.

I am not asking for a refund nor am I asking for a benefit, that I, as a 20+ year veteran Microsoft Partner should be entitled to.. I was even yesterday, asked if I had taken "screenshots" before my purchase as well as after my purchase; of which I found that dialogue completely and utterly insulting... I simply want the subscription switched back to what is was intended to be, a MAPS subscription... Understand MS is the one that changed up this process, now several times over the past number of years; almost positioning guys like me out of market consideration by removing all together the Action Pack and TechNet... There was such an overwhelming revolt from members Microsoft relented the position and went back to the drawing board and retooled the process...

I completely respect the enhanced "Silver" and "Gold" addons; of which is financially unattainable for me; that designation in the market I operate in, which is RURAL eastern north Carolina; does not benefit me.. We have not engaged ANY benefits of the LAP other than what would normally be consumed in the regular MAPS pack; and they were all there in my portal and have just disappeared in the past month.. I don't know when; as I don't login to the MAPS portal benefits system on a daily basis...

I notified MS as soon as I realized there was a problem... and have been discounted, insulted and treated as if I am gaming a benefit for nefarious purposes...

I am very frustrated of how I am being treated on this issue..



Ty Carter
Strategic Network Consultants Inc

Community Manager

Hi Ty,


Thanks for advising and for sharing the feedback!
I understand this is not the ideal situation here, the best I could do is investigate next steps, internally, and the only available route in this case is via frontline support.

Agents can help you cancel the current enrollment, buy a new subscription and activate the MAPS benefits.

To help us respond to this request, please submit via our online submission process.
Please note we’re currently experiencing delays in responding to support requests.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Community Manager

Hello @tmcarter ,


Please note I have sent you a direct message.