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MAPS Licence reactivating problem

We renewed our Action Package, so we got new keys for the E3 licences. The Partner Portal has a "tutorial" that shows by a walkthrough how to extend the licence's end date, but there is no "Extend end date" button where it says (and nowhere else). We talked with everybody who could possibly help us, but noone could. Licences already expired, so we do really need fast solution.


@pdemeny  : You screenshot is showing the M365 admin portal/subscription activation, not the Partner Center where the guidance is referring to.

@mszekely : Please take a look at the guidance @Andra has shared ("If your existing subscription is Disabled/Expired, follow the below steps to activate a new one :") , if the subscription is expired, there will be no "extend", but only add, and the links are also included in the article: https://portal.office.com/Commerce/ProductKeyStart.aspx 

Of course you can also contact Partner Center Support if you need help 

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🤔 Yes this looks a little different than the tutorial I shared.


@JanoschUlmer can you also have a look at the attached image above please, do you believe this is a case for support? 


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Hi @pdemeny ,


Great question!

You should have the ability to extend available licenses under the Benefits section.

Have you checked this same resource: Azure & Cloud Products Benefits Tab for MPN Partners in Partner Center (microsoft.com) ?


1. On the Benefits Page in Partner Center, expand the Cloud product you wish to add more licenses (seats) to, choose option a) and select the link to be redirected to the M365 Admin Center.


Screenshot 2021-01-22 154527.jpg


2. Browse through the 4 Step Activation Walkthrough from Partner Center:

Step 1: Click on Activation Walkthrough


Step 2: Follow the guidance to copy and paste the activation link in the address bar of an InPrivate/Incognito browser session and click Next


Step 3: Ensure you are logged into the right tenant and click Next


Step 4: Click Finish


3. Once redirected to the M365 Admin Center, identify the Cloud product and click on Extend end date


4. In the new side panel, click on Redeem product key


5. Insert the 25 digits product key from Partner Center and click Validate.


6. After validating, you will receive some details about the product key. Click on Redeem


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"THERE IS NO EXTEND END DATE BUTTON", just to clarify again. 🙂