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Joining MPN stuck on Employment verification

We are trying to join MPN, however we have been stuck on the the Employment Verification step. 

The exact message is: 

"We were not able to verify your email domain. Follow below instructions to fix"

I have chatted with support a few times, however that is not going anywhere. They have asked me to update my office 365 profile etc. which I have done, however we are still stuck on that step of the process.

I have also read the Business verification - We were not able to verify your business details forum post and one of the users recommends that we submit an incident. Which I tried, however when I click on Submit Incident I get to a page which tells me that I do not have access to and I decided to post in the community having exhausted all other means (well I still have not tried to call but I will need to mentally prepare for a call a bit longer 🙂 ).


Can anyone help out with getting past this step?

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Why is this so difficult? Obviously a very popular problem based on this post.


I have raised 3 tickets since June.


Case 2111030040008142 

Case 2109140040000486 

Case 2106280040003757


I've provided domain registration documents as well as LLC documentation and have gotten no where.


What's the best way to get this escalated?

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Hey @Andra

Same problem for me, it was a right mission to get it all working the first time (in July) then 1 October I started getting messages saying they there was a validation issue. I attempted to sort it out and it keeps failing. I took the opportunity to update the post code and also update the records and the companies office, as there was a postcode change a while back, however, even though I had the Whois for the domain, updated last time and went through a number of hoops for manual validation, it failed again. What is it that needs to match to prevent this from happening is two months time again. Totally pointless going through this validation manually if some automated system ignores any manual override in two months and forces the process to kick off again. I logged a job on this last week and have not had the courtesy of a response. Case 2110280010000309, your assistance in this matter would be appreciated, along with information on what we can change to prevent this from recurring an another couple of months.




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Got stuck in this employment verification stage, need some help in completing the registration.


Support ticket id : 2110260010001953 


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Same problem here, employment verification failed. We opened a support ticket 


but they keep asking domain invoices which we've already sent. 
Can anybody scale the case or help us solve?
thank you
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Forgot to tag @Andra , maybe you can help us? Thank you again

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Hi @Andra ,

we have moved our office therefore I have changed the address so that the invoice address would be correct . However the total verification stage is initiated.Since then I am trying to resolve the "employment verification" failure. I have been stuck for three days now and have opened TrackingID#2110110040003607  . I have sent documentation that proves Domain ownership, official documents++. Unfortunately I have not received any real attempts support to solve the case other than the default email that confirms the ticket is resolved.

I have to renew the membership however cant pay prior to account getting verified again.

Attached you will find circular signatures, domain invoice for .com/ /.net , trade registry newspaper for the movement, tax plate.

Do I need to send anything else? Can you please speed up the process?

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@Andra/ @v-jillarmour We need your help and guidance here.

This is the first-time for us joining the MPN. We are facing the same issue. For reason unknown the Employment verification failed.


We added the company using DUNS search and EIN, provided domain, verified email, but the Employment Verification failed.

Have also added the TXT record to companies DNS as requested for global admin role.


We have open a ticket 2110080040006926 and have added the domain renewal invoice along with the Certificate of Annual Report form the State of New Jersey. Not sure what exactly was required.


Please let us know if we missed anything or what addition steps need to happen.


Thanks in advance for your help. Please message me if you need additional information to help.



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We've the same issue and do not get support. I also cannot find any number to call.

Can someone of you MS guys help?

SupportCase: 2110060040002876


Best regards


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Hi Guys,


I am having the same issue and it's really frustrating :(. Need to renew my action pack and stuck on Employment Verification. Its expires on the 03/10/2021


I called the call center who could not help either. No response to my ticket and no help from emails. Can somebody please advise how we get this renewed. Do I need an additional DNS entry on my domain?


My Ticket number is 2109270040006843

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Same problem here I was verified only updates my physical address due to move and now unverified.


I have ticket 2109270040007739


Blocked on employment verification, my action pack is expired and I need to renew in 2 days or our o365 will be shut down.  Tried to update the ticket but still no reply of Microsoft and phone support points to the ticket system.

Please help or advice.



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@Andra could you please help me?

I'm experiencing same issue and I've already submitted ticket with TrackingID#2109270040001970. I've sent by email the documentation I was asked for on the phone, but I'm stuck on verification since more or less 10 days ago.


Subscription expires on 02/10/2021. What should I do? What will happen to all the services, Azure Vms, visual studio repositories based on the MPN subscription?


Many thanks,


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We are not able to verify account. Seems like it stops on employee verifications. Sendt in a ticket for long time ago. Somebody able to help me activate account I would highly appreciate it. We have several clients waiting to be onboardet.

Regards, @KristianUlvik and Steinar Røkke


Ticket: 2106080040002469


Hope you can help @Andra 

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I am having the exact same issue. I'm trying to renew my Action Pack and noticed my billing address was incorrect. I updated it and it kicked off all this verification stuff. 


I have updated everything and everything matches my current records. My WHOIS details are specified correctly. The domain is registered to my company but it constantly fails verification everywhere - over a simple address change. 


It says it fails on Confirming Employment but then states that it can't verify my email domain. 


I have literally less than a week before my Action Pack expires. 


I have logged a case as instructed but 5 days have passed and no response. I don't know what else to do. 

My case number is 2109240040005572


I would appreciate any help at all to try and get this resolve. 


@Andra i notice you have been able to resolve similar issues for others. Are you able to help in this instance?

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I wanted to update my status.  Thanks in part to Andra escalating my support ticket, my employment verification went through, my partner account verified successfully and my membership is now active again.  FYI I added additional documentation to move the process along.  I was able to renew my Action Pack.  I also got a refund on the licenses I had to purchase to keep my services going while waiting for the Partner issues to get resolved.

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Hi @Karonaway ,


thank you for the kind feedback and glad is all sorted.

Feel free to continue to come back to the community, stay in touch with partner program updates, announcements and of course connect with other partners to share business practicess. 
💡Tip for you: You could start by exploring the US Partner Zone

CC: @v-jillarmour 


Thank you,


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hi, i've the same issue, everything was working correctly but for 1 or 2 weeks I have not been able to use my partner center anymore. Can you unblock the situation because we have customer imperatives

support ticket number : 2111160040002842 


thanks for your help


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Hi @Andra

We have a similar issue. We have been stuck on  Verification started for our Legal business profile now for nearly three weeks and an open support ticket (2111020040004516) which has gone unanswered for nearly two weeks. I've tried everything i could think of and no amount of re editing can get it to kick through the steps. If I do the same to my profile it goes through the steps perfectly. This only happened because I had updated our postcode, and now I am unable to renew our action pack and it has subsequently run out. Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you



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Hi @Andra ,

I have the exact same problem.

Ticket ID is 2110180040003607 - could you please escalate it?


Thank you



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Hi @Andra 
We're experiencing the same issue. Could you escalate the ticket 2110130040009851 ?
I actually re-created my request 2 days ago, but have been struggling with it for almost 10 days.
You're help would be much appreciated  🙂

thank you.

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Hello Andra,


could you please also assist us with the case number 2110150040003462 


Thank you very much


Kind regards