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I would like to purchase Azure Kinect DK in Korea


I would like to resell Azure Kinect DK in Korea. 

Unfortunately, Azure Kinect DK is not available in Korea. 

Even though I joined MPN and reseller profile is active, there is nothing that I can do to provide the camera to our customer. 

From this community, I got some help to go through my issue. 

However, I haven't had any particular solution.  

I talked to SCK which is one of the distributors in Korea, they said they could not help me regarding this. 

I think that Microsoft headquarter should authorize SCK to purchase Azure Kinect DK in Korea. 

As I heard, Azure Kinect was available in some countries which are Germany, China, Japan, U.S., U.K. 

I hope that we could purchase and resell the product in Korea. 


Best regards, 

Aehyang Park