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How to get Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for internal use

Hi all,
My employer is a Gold Partner with the usual internal use rights (IURs) for various MS products.
Now we wish to get experience with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP2, the top version).
As far as I can see this is only included with "E5" licenses, I guess that means from the list in our portal;
Enterprise Mobility + Security E5
Office 365 E5 without Audio Conferencing
Not in our list;
Microsoft 365 E5
Can anyone please clarify how we get ATP2 IURs please?

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As a separate benefit, partner staff have access to free demo/test M365 tenants at (redirects to - this is intended for demos to customers, but is also useful for training
  • you can request up to 6 x 90 day life, and 1 x 1 year life
  • To set yourself up on the site
  • To create new demo/test tenant
    • Go to
    • Click ‘Create Tenant’
    • Need to specify tenant location & period (90 days or 1 year)
    • Note1: if you specify tenant location = ‘Australia’ (where I am) or period = ‘1 year’, then you will not be able to select template ‘Microsoft 365 Enterprise Demo Content with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’
    • Note2: Some templates will populate your demo tenant with example users and data (e.g. ‘Microsoft 365 Enterprise Demo Content’ or ‘Microsoft 365 Enterprise Demo Content with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’) and some will create tenant with users but no data (Microsoft 365 Enterprise with Users and No Content)
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In addition to Mr Tap advice, Gold Enterprise Mobility Management competency will get you 100 licenses Enterprise Mobility and Security E5, which also contains all the security features. Might you need more info, please do reach out.


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If you qualify for 'Gold Windows & Devices', then you will be granted licenses for 'Windows 10 Enterprise E5' which will covers licensing for Windows 10 in 'Defender Advanced Threat Protection' (Just to add to the confusion, the official name of the product has been renamed to Microsoft Defender for Endpoints)


Licensing for Windows Servers is different as well 😉

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Search “Windows Defender” In the search box on the taskbar, type “Windows Defender” and Search.
Access Windows Defender Security Center. After accessing Windows Defender Antivirus, go to Settings > Open Windows Defender Security Center (1,2)
Disable Virus & Threat Protection Settings.