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How Do You Justify Your Microsoft Relationship?

Direct vs Indirect vs VAR

How did you choose which category you fell into, and how do you justify staying there? (both in terms of actual cost & time invested)



My MSP is currently a Direct-Bill/Gold partner, and we're growing rapidly.  However, Microsoft is a small portion of our overall business.  It sounds somewhat counterintuitive, but I'm finding that the larger we get, the more we focus on our core strengths, and the less attention we have to focus on staying up to date with Microsoft.


Microsoft's changes over the last/next 12 months have especially highlighted this tension: decommissioning Open Volume, CSP price changes, the New Commerce Experience, and MPN migrating to MCPP (and all the partner requirement changes that will bring).  It's been difficult staying up to date without dedicated MS staff.


I'd love to hear from some of you all on where you started your journey with Microsoft, how satisfied are you with your choice, and where you see yourself going in the future.