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How CSP works for Learning Microsoft Silver partner

Dear Team,


Kindly advise us, how CSP works for MS Learning silver partner. Can you brief on the same. How it's benefit one training partner and how to manage CSP and MPN?


Thanks and regards,

V Srinivas


CSP does not work differently, CSP works the same way regardless of the competency you have, for being CSP their is no special competency requirement.

Being CSP will probably not help you a lot in achieving competency requirements for Learning and does not really offer anything that helps specifically learning partners. CSP is a reseller & services model - so if you as a Partner also act as a system integrator doing end customer management and if you want to sell not only services, but also licenses, CSP can be for you.


You manage both MPN and CSP in Partner Center, start here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/