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Help -- Stuck at Employment Verification Issue



I have been a MS Partner for quite a few years now. When my Action Pack expired last December (2020), and I was not informed, I thought something must have gone wrong. As with the current Covid issues going on around here I was not able to review the details until next week. I found out that my account was left at Employment Verification issue. I had been using my hotmail account for the business, but it appeared that I needed to have my own domain (at least from my own interpretation of the recommended solutions). I had rectified that last week and sent the support ticket.


However, today I found out that it was rejected again (it had gone back to in progress when I updated the domains). I was told to send a support ticket (again?), and so I did. Now, in looking at the support tickets, it would appear that the tickets were all still in "open", which I would assume to mean that it was not looked at. 


Does anyone here have any suggestions here to resolve this issue? 





Hi @lawrenceong  & @Vijay1


thank you for sharing your feedbacks.

Please note that currently from a support perspective we are facing delays on the verification process worldwide.


This impacts all verification queues regardless of the steps you are stuck in. 

My advice is to allow time for the case to be assigned and the docs to be reviewed without raising multiple cases to support.

This will only extend the time for a response.


Thank you for understanding,


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HI @Andra

tks for your reply -- really appreciate feedback. as it turns out, I did receive an email notifying me of the rejection, and another follow up 3 days later to determine if I had provided the information. what as interesting was that the documents were all uploaded already in the support tickets after we clicked on get support. I guess I'm just concerned because it didn't look like the tickets were visible to the support personnel replying to the incident. 




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I've have the same issues, any help on this would be great.

A support request has been made and documents have been uploaded, no response yet.


Support request id: 2102040010005071

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sorry, I meant ... until last week. I had typed in next instead. apologies