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Formal request: Turn off Partner Account Verification until it is fixed

From the numbers threads and posts about difficulties getting MPN accounts verified even if they are years old it is clear that the verification process is not fit for purpose. The response seems to  be to raise a support request and wait it out - but if you are using benefits related to the MPN account that is just not practical.  The support team (or is it on person!) seems totally overwhelmed with issues related to this so calls are taking far too long to be handled.


So this is a formal request to Microsoft to turn off the need to verify the accounts until the process that does the verification is fixed so that it actually works without the need to go via support. This will save all MPN's serious stress and will protect Microsoft's reputation.


There is a similar MPC Idea for this already - all those that agree please vote on that:
Microsoft to improve fix the MPN Programme Verification Process 

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I completely agree with this sentiment. I've just had to purchase several Office 365 licenses to work around being unable to renew my Action Pack. Microsoft is directly profiting from their incompetence here - unacceptable!