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Employment Verification Failed Escalation

I hope I have been pretty patient, but now I admit to becoming quite frustrated. 


I've been a Microsoft Partner many times, if fact have encouraged all early stage companies I've joined to become Microsoft Partners.  Heck, I'm even a Microsoft Alumni!

My Microsoft Partner Application for my new company [MPN 6363728] is stuck in Employment Verification Failed.

1)  I opened a Ticket on 2/22/2021.  Ticket Number [2102220040005561]
2)  I've updated the ticket 3 times since, and received no communication.
3)  I provided all the supporting documentation, Articles of Incorporation, Document Number and Link to SunBiz (Florida Department of Corporations).

No response.  No mechanism to escalate.

Frustrated and frankly embarrassed.  Microsoft can do better, I know because I did better.  🙂

I don't need resolution immediately, but I would like a message that says some like.

"Man we are busy, we have 1,000,000 open tickets, and we are getting to you as fast as we can."  Right now I have no signal that anything is happening.


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@Andra - Any insight you can offer?  Don't mind, "We are busy but we are working through tickets."  No response, no escalation path.