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Downgrade Windows server 2019 to 2016

under partner benefits we have windows server 2019 edition, how can we downgrade windows server 2019 std to windows server 2016 std ?

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What was the solution?


I have the same problem

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Good day @HebaCubic ,


This is a very good topic to address with the Tech Community. Click here to view similar threads.

Also this document talks about the downgrading rights. This one is the latest.

On the Microsoft Partner Community you can refer to a related post here .


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Hello Andra,

thank you for your reply,
I am asking about windows server which we got as a benefits under our partner benefits. all the editions listed is 2019 and we need 2016 edition.
if you can help me in this , I will be grateful .



MPN benefits usually only included the rights to the specific versions that are current, not older versions - So the downgrade rights are not as in commercial licenses. If a new version is released as internal use benefit Partner have been required to upgrade to this new version within the next 12 months - at least this was the ruling ion the recent years.

Downgrade media or keys will generally not be provided on Partner Center.


For details on IUR use rights check the guides here: and the MPN agreement (visible in Organization settings in Partner Center)

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Hello @HebaCubic ,


I am happy to point you in the right direction. Kindly check the links I provided in my previous reply.


This is related to customers but might help you as well : If you resell a volume license, e.g. via Open License, the customer can download media in VLSC.

If you sell an OEM/Retail license that includes downgrade rights (not available in all editions afaik - check the terms before) the customer can use a 2016 media & key he already owns (and where the key might be already used ) to install 2016 - if there are issues during automatic activatioon because key is used, customer might have to call the activation support hotline and mention he is doing a downgrade.

If he does not have such media & key, there is no option to order it from Microsof or the distributor (also mentioned in the downgrade terms).


The Tech Community has a dedicated forum for Windows Server updates and discussions, hence is to go-to place for you, in this matter for more information.


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