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Company wasn't verified and now I can't create ticket

So, long story short - our company became a partner in 2012. I was assigned as a primary contact and, possibly, account manager. Several years later I transferred partnership manager to other department and they were handling it till now. Today my colleagues contacted me with the information, that our company was not verified and though MS partnership team can see us in the system, our Silver status has been removed.

They told me that I remained the primary contact and should have gotten an e-mail and instructions on verification our partner profile.  No need to tell you, that I never got any emails from MS and it took me hours to even remember my login.

After I restored my access, I've got the following screen without any helpful info - the burger menu isn't working, there's no info about my company nor the information how I can verify the profile.

I tried to create the ticket to get help, but clicking on ? mark (as recommended) doesn't do much (2nd screen). Clicking on Support link just gives me the indefinite loading circle and nothing more (screen #3)


I also tried to follow the instructions from this thread  

But when I clicked the link to organization's profile it redirected me back to my account with the following message:

We're sorry!
We don’t recognize that account. Sign in again using your work email. If that doesn’t work, contact your company’s global administrator and ask them to grant you the appropriate access permissions.

My colleague from the other dept, who's the global admin get's the same messages and no information about the company in his profile. He managed to reach out to the support team and create a ticket, but he was them redirected to the "primary contact". I feel like we've got in some loop.

I am sorry to trouble the community and I understand, that's totally on us, but I need to help my colleagues as they were send by the support team to the "primary contact" (and I assume it's me) and I'm totally helpless as I wasn't involved in this partnership activities for the last 8 years.


@Nata : No, not expected, the dashboard should appear anyway. I did look at the user name of your colleague that raised the ticket - and I could see that the user account is both a work account and a personal account, which might mean he don't see the dashboard because he's being logged in with the personal Identity (Microsoft Account, aka "Live ID" in former times), instead of the work/AzureAD  account.




Partner Center does work with personal account when you have a developer profile, but for MPN membership only work accounts can be used - this might be the source of the confusion. And MPN support will not recognize, because when they look up the profile for your company domain they only see your work account/AzureAD tenant and are not aware that the user name is also used for a personal account.


I would recommend to change the personal account user name and remove the alias that is the same as the work account - see . e.g. in log in with the personal account/password, add an alias like,  then delete the alias from the personal account (no data loss will happen, just the login name). This way will only be a work account and this reduces confusion when working with the portals. 


I can't guarantee with 100% certainty that this will solve the problem, but I would strongly recommend to clean up the personal/work profile issue anyway. Another side effect will be that B2B sharing invites will work more reliably then, B2B sharing is also broken when the user account names are the same. 

Kind regards, Janosch
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@Nata Wow, round and round you go huh? I'm sorry to hear of your troubles here. Can you share the ticket number your global administrator opened? I can check the status for you. 

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Also, if it helps - this is how his dashboard looks like - no company information shown any more 

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@Nata OK, I was finally able to access my account and it looks like your ticket has been transferred to a different support group that can better help you. It shows they tried to reach you by phone (but weren't able to) to notify you of this transfer.  


I have reached out to the new support team to ask about status and what is needed from you to complete this ticket. Now we wait to hear back, stand by for updates. 

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@Nata **UPDATE**

I heard back from the support team and this is what they sent:


Thank you for your patience. To continue with the verification process, you need to update the domain listed in your partner center account to be your corporate domain and provide the supporting documentation listed below. Now is registered and it is not possible to use it for authorization. Please update your account with the following instructions and send an invoice for your own domain:

1) Go to the Partner Center dashboard

2) Go to the "Partner Profile" tab and click the "Update" link next to the "Legal Business Profile" page. (Do not update on the 'Organization Profile' tab.)

3) Update the information on the "Legal Business Profile" page and press Submit.

4) Refresh the "Member Profile" page to check the new status in "Verification Status".

After the update send an invoice that includes the domain and the name of the entity or owner.

List of supported file types and max. File size:

-Screenshots (only from a source such as the government
-Pdf format
- Our system cannot receive attachments larger than 8 MB.

Please indicate if you cannot provide smaller attachments.

Thanks, and regards.
Microsoft Partner Network Support Team.

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Good day, v-jillarmour

I've checked with my team and, unfortunately, your solution doesn't work for us. First of all, because my admin doesn't have the "Partner Profile" tab on the dashboard (as seen on screen attached). He claims he doesn't have access the the Partner dashboard as well. 
He had a video meeting with one of the support team and it went sideways. The team support was able to tell him, that the company verification is in process and that "global admin" should be able to access this Partner Profile. But who is this "global admin" he could not tell.
Problem is, there were only two persons registered with MS Partner program since 2010 - me, and my colleague. I transferred my obligations and rights to my colleague, so for the last several years he is the only one in charge of this.
When I log in - I don't have the full dashboard as my colleague, so I'm not the global admin, right? While he logs he can see much more options than me and he has this message there, that he is the global admin, but the the "Partner Profile" tab and any legal information about our company is absent.

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@Nata Oh no! I thought we were on the right track earlier, ugg.

It does sound as if your partner is the global admin. I am not part of the support team so I can't provide you with any advice, tips or tricks as I am not familiar with the process, the screens or access.  I can only view the status of the tickets and try to bump support into responding. 


I would have your partner try another video chat with support to see if you can't get it figured out. I'm sorry I don't have more to help you here. 😞

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Thanks, anyway. I hope they can find a solution. Maybe after the "company verification" will be completed the dashboard will somehow appear

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Thank you so much! You really went far and beyond. I will forward this information to my colleague, the global admin and will hope this will resolve the issue.



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Thank you so much for the reply. Here is the number and screen shot from my global admin

Ticket #2206060040006142