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Business verification - We were not able to verify your business details

I have been a partner for quite a while.  Now that I'm moving over, I'm finding that my verification failed.  The screenshot tells the story.  I'm just a sole proprietorship and work hard to build apps for clients with .net and sql server and azure.  Being a partner gives me credibility in this process.  I'm not sure what my next step is towards verification, but I've seen Microsoft people reach out on here before, so I'm hoping someone will do so again and give me some assistance.  Thx.



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I am also running into problems with employment verification.


I have tickets open for business verification: 2102120040005993 and employment verification: 2102160040002763.  I submitted documentation for both just to be on the safe side and hopefully not go from problems with employment verification to then repeat the process with business verification.


I noticed the status switched at one point to verification pending before it went back to failed status but with nothing updated on the tickets I have no idea if what I submitted was rejected or if that is totally unrelated.

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Hi guys

I'm facing the exact same frustration obstacles as you all. @Andra can you help escalate a case to support? 

I already have a ticket open, but nothing happens and when I try to call them on +44 344 800 6006 (selecting MAPS) my call is rejected due to busyness. 

My license expire very soon and me and my customers depend on these licenses to work.

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Hello, I have also an employment verification problem. I have to renew my action pack plan today. I have spent a week in order to fix my problem. nothing change. I opened 2 tickets. I've no response on my tickets. case #2102110040003061 and 2102070040000459. I gave information about my dns renewal invoice. 

please reply to partner quickly

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I am with the same problem with tickets opened on december 15 and no good answerers and no SLA. They just say to have a seat and wait as long as nobody knows.

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Support Case #2101260040003900


I have also been waiting with no response from Microsoft Partner Support... I just don't understand why/how this takes so long. I read the links and uploaded the required documents but I still have not received any response. The 800 support number just says we can't take your call... goodbye. What gives Microsoft? Am trying to purchase the Action Pack to spin up demo servers to show to our client base to make some sales upgrading clients from Server 2008/Exchange 2010 to Server 2019/Exchange 2019. Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated... and "Thank You" in advance! We only have 171 days left on our trial installs.

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Yup, same issue here. Have been a partner for nearly 15 years! In that time I've never had a issue with renewal. I even switched from a Ltd. co. to Sole proprieter without issue. This year I went to update my address and now everything is being rejected.

Name is same, phone is same, email is same only thing is the address.  What a mess MS has made of this.

And to top it all off support ticket is open for over a week and not even a acknowledgement. So I created another ticket and after 4 days they just say that the team is swamped and the will update in 3 days. 

My MAPS expires on the 12th Feb and so I don't have time for these support people to waste as it sounds as if they won't get to this in time. The person I spoke to on the phone didn't sound confident that would happen.  This seems to be co-ordinated with Teleperformance in Portugal - perhaps they have staffing issues there. 

Anyway, if MAPS expires and I lose the AD logins than my Office365 will be inaccessible and both my wife and I have thousands of emails and documents with we require daily to run the business - my wife especially needs 24.7 access to them.  I guess I will have to back these up the closer we get to the date...

What a mess.


@Salik : Note that the license expiration does not necessarily match the MAPS expiration, so better check in M365 Admin portal - admin.microsoft.com - when the licenses expire exactly. When the licenses expire you also get 30 days of grace period where everything still works. After grace ends, the services will stop working, but admin can still access the portal and data won't be deleted for additional 90 days. 

Should the support ticket really take longer, you can evaluate if signing up for for some temp licenses, e.g. eval licenses would be a suitable interim solution for you.


Note that I don't have insight on why the support tickets takes so long to get resolved, and can only apologize for the support experience and potential impact to your business   - just wanted to clarify what the expected impact will be and what options exist. 


Kind regards,
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To all the other posters on here, I wouldn't hold your breath on the approval process being resolved in a timely manner!


I've been trying to obtain approval on the CSP program since 17th September 2020. I initially raised a support request under ref: 2009170040002634, and had a reply on the 19th October 2020, to say that the account was authorized and to wait 10 days for the status to change. 


3 weeks later the status hadn't changed, so i chased the status. MS insisted that the original call remain closed, and that I open a new one and was also advised with the standard response of the account requires further investigation.


Support ref: 2011050040001062 has now been open since 5th November 2020, and every time I chase the status I receive the standard response as below:


Dear Lee,
Thank you for your interest in the CSP program. Your request is currently undergoing additional review, which may take up to a few weeks. We will contact you if any further information is needed. No action is required from you at this time. We appreciate your patience.
Thank you and best regards,
Microsoft Partner Network support team
It is impossible to actually talk to anyone to discuss this, and is a very frustrating experience. In the meantime, I have NO idea what is causing the issue etc...
To make matters worse the Partner account has also been reverted back to awaiting approval! I would like to purchase Action Packs etc... but am reluctant to do so, until the various subscriptions are approved. This should not take 4 - 5 months to resolve.



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There was previously a number which I did phone. There should be number to phone for support but it seems the new support paradigm is online only, There isn't even a chat bot!

Community Manager

Hi @Salik ,


Your case is assigned to an agent, so please continue to work with support and check your email regularly.

Let us know if you do not receive an update in the next 48 business hours.


Thank you,


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I've now been waiting since Jan 26 on this case - actually I have been waiting since 23 Jan on a case which wasn't even acknowledged. My MAPS has now expired so I could lose my benefits on some software licences that I am using. 

I don't know how big this "backlog of cases" is but surely people who's deadlines are imminent or have passed should be pushed to the top of the list so there is no business disruption?

And I'll still have to pay the full amount with poor support that we get.

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I got a cryptic reply which said my email was not my domain's email - Which was never a problem before!

And then they wanted an "invoice" when another support person told me to upload the details on the domain ownership and that would be all! Rubbish!

That was yesterday. I'm guessing that it will be another 14 days to get a reply to that. Surely they should reply to tickets they've replied to as a priority.

My licences have expired now and it's refusing to fall back to a trial licence. So I'm stuck here waiting while business is stuck.

This "support" is anything but.

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I am facing the same issue here for more than 3 days now. I am trying to submit the application for the add-in that my company developed for clients with no success. Obviously, because the account is not verified. There is a note that I have to prove the ownership of the domain by submitting the invoice, which I did with the following ticket number: 2101270040001717. Does anyone have a clue how to accelerate things here? I am desperate to reach to the support team with no success. 



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The Microsoft Business verification process appears to be akin to a quality validation process where the work is broken down and distributed to numerous people and subsequently, all pieces are reassembled and final scores are tallied up into a pass or fail assessment. 

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its been more than a year since we are trying to get through business verification on MPN...


Now we have attached our business registration documents on ticket id 2010270040006517, on which - as the email from support stated - we should have been getting response already.

However, no response came.

Can someone please help us finish this finally?


We are a legitimate businesses in our country and are working with range of Microsoft products for our clients for years now but this process of getting through MPN verification has been hell for us...

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I have received response on my ticket saying amongst other things that "We are pleased to let you know this account is now authorized. Please, note that it may take up to 10 business days for the changes to be reflected in your account."
So, good work then, I hope that this finalizes our issues.

Community Manager

Hi @Dryadma,


Thank you for providing feedback on the community.

Please use these resources as a a guide in this process: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/become-global-admin AND https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/verification-responses


Thank you,



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My company has been a Microsoft Partner for many years, at least since 2011, and now I am unable to renew my Action Pack. I have uploaded everything asked for in the Partner Profile to pass verification including tax documents for the corporation, W2s for me as an employee of the corporation, paid invoices from my domain provider. The latest email I received from support was asking me to enter a domain name but didn't tell me where/how to do that. I asked for instructions which led me to a place in Partner Center where I could not update Domain name. Support also asked me to submit a gov screenshot. My company has nothing to do with the government. I am stuck in the same place as all the others here - at employment verification and email verification (even though I have verified and re-verified my non-company email). Once your Action Pack expires you are caught in a catch 22 where you don't have access to your company email but to renew the Action Pack you have to enter a company email (microsoft email). At least I didn't actually pay $'s yet and have access cut off. That would be even more infuriating. I don't understand my Microsoft would do this to a company that has been a Partner for so long. 

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I’m also in an infuriating support loop with no end in sight. I’m at the stage where I’m going to submit a case to our Government Department of Fair Trading and a see if they can get anything to happen.


I signed up a new partner account for my new company, completed all of the verifications and purchased a MAP subscription. All was fine for about a month then I suddenly received a 715 error and asked to complete further verification checks.


After going back and forth with frontline support (Case: SRX1502825060ID) for weeks and weeks I was finally told that “

We would like to inform you that this 715 Error message is due to unable to validate your access to this Partner Center functionality, for this kind of cases apologies your access will not be reactivated as it does not satisfy Microsoft systems or security criteria.”


I have asked what needs to be done to resolve the “security” issue with my account and there has been no response. I also asked if I could get a refund on the $400 paid for this subscription as I can’t actually use it now, also with no response.


After several months I thought I might try again. I submitted another ticket and provided the necessary details to the frontline support agent (Case: 2008080010000280), to which I just got the response “Your access will not be reactivated as it does not satisfy Microsoft systems or security criteria. Your case will now be closed. Please be aware of the fact that raising new support cases for this issue won’t change the communicated outcome.”


Come on Microsoft, either tell me what I need to do to fix whatever issue there is with my account, or refund me the money I paid for a product I can’t use. This sort of trading conduct is unlawful in Australia and I will be taking it further.

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Hello there,


I'm trying to get a developer account setup.  I'm stuck on the Employment Verification step.  I can't upload any verification documents as there is no place to do it.  I'm not sure what to do.  I've paid for the annual developer account and the service is not being provided.  I've got an app that I've written in Xamarin that I want to deploy to the store and can't because of this issue.  I'm not happy about this...  


What can I do to resolve?





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please Microsoft sort this issue in the UK for sole traders

it always fails on "Business Verification "


I am also having this issue for a 2nd time and no one will fix it.


my MPN is 4603066  please help me ASAP I cannot sell any thing


I have two support cases but the people who deal this this DO NOT under stand what a sole trader is in the UK

I have uploaded my TAX return and my partner invoices.
I have been a partner for 15 years and this is ruin my business ATM 


IS there a UK partner support tele phone number as I need to talk to some on in the UK who understands and can fix this.