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Business verification - We were not able to verify your business details

I have been a partner for quite a while.  Now that I'm moving over, I'm finding that my verification failed.  The screenshot tells the story.  I'm just a sole proprietorship and work hard to build apps for clients with .net and sql server and azure.  Being a partner gives me credibility in this process.  I'm not sure what my next step is towards verification, but I've seen Microsoft people reach out on here before, so I'm hoping someone will do so again and give me some assistance.  Thx.



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Hi Andra


I have a ticket open 2104040040000122 and no answer despite providing the docs required. , this new verification schema was poorly implemented by Microsoft this time! it's adding more work for us clients and for Microsoft staff.


Thank you.

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HI @Rekellah ,


I appreciate you posted your feedback on the community. I forwarded your case internally for further investigation.


Thank you,


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I have sent you all the required documents for Employment Verification / Business Verification

Response from Microsoft


sre 24.03.2021 16:50

2103220040006284 - Congratulations – Your Microsoft Partner Network account has been authorized



Thank you for your inquiry about your Microsoft Partner Network account  in Partner Center. We are pleased to let you know this account is now authorized. Please, note that it may take up to 10 business days for the changes to be reflected in your account

There is no further action required from you. We will close your support ticket for this issue.

For information about managing your Microsoft Partner Network membership and working in Partner Center, visit the Partner Center how-to site.

Thank you and best regards,

 Microsoft Partner Network support team


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Hi @gfadmin ,


How are you?

Can you please clarify if the verification is still pending, despite the messagefrom support?

Can you access your benefits and do you show up as authorized in Partner Center?




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I have also been a MAPS subscriber since 2011 and instead of Growing as a partner (according to the latest webinar) I have been left out as a partner!!!My subscription has expired almost a month ago giving me more headaches than we already have in such difficult times.

I have been emailing and attaching documents for two (2) months now so as to “verify my account”!!!! but with no response from your support team (the ticket ID is 2101250040000740)

I understand the circumstances, I understand that the documents are in Greek and probably have to be approved by a native speaker but as we can all see in this forum the cases that are facing the same problem are numerous. It is unacceptable to interrupt my services for an action that is taking you longer than anticipated and could have been resolved months ago.

Let me state that for all the time I have been a MAPS subscriber there was no change in my legal entity or communication data.


Since the support team has failed this is my last resort to find help.


Thanks in advance



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Hi @amallios ,


How are you?

thanks for sharing your experience, I actually forwarded your case internally for investigation.

If you don`t hear back in 48 hours, please tag me on this thread.


Thanks for your patience,


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My Ticket number is 2103220040006130 Please, we have alot of customers with services stopped because of this new verification schema. Could you please review our application?


Thanks a lot. 

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@AndraOur verification went from Employment verified to not and I have submitted documents via email and in Case 2103100040002644 also.   Can you please help?

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I am going around in circles on this. I've tried every variation of company and contact details without success.  Ticket number is 2102160040003762


Any ideas??????

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@phambleton- I had the same issue until I worked out the right combination that was required.I would suggest checking with your post office as to the right address, as that's the one I used here in the UK  I'm not stuck on employment verification, and that doesn't make sense how that's in a 'rejected state'.


Just seems Microsoft are making it extremely difficult for Small Business to register.

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After 60 days, a lot of internal verification to see if we could have a hidden problem, contracted Dunsregistered and no answeres our business verification was approved. Now everything is fine.


Going through this I understood that the whole process up to the business verification  is all automatic and should work without problems. If you are having a problem before business verification you can try to resolve it for yourself. Business verification is a manual, time-consuming and SLA-free process.

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Three weeks ago I uploaded all the document necessary to validate my business (Ticket ID 2102170040002755) and am still stuck at my business/domain being rejected. My Action Pack renewal period is over in a couple days and it will not let me renew it. I've been a MAP subscriber for two decades, but it looks like it ends this year. I expect incompetence from large corporations, but Microsoft has certainly taken incompetence to a new level. Looks like I'll be moving everything to Google or AWS.

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Hi @geschinger  and @Adamos,


I hope you started your week well!

Yes, there is a backlog worldwide on verification support queues, hence you are experiencing delays in getting in contact with an agent.

I made a note of your feedbacks and will forward to internal teams for reference.


Thank you for understanding,



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Hello Andrea,

My account is now authorized, and I have free access to my MPN benefits.

Many Thanks for your support Andrea!

With Regards
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Hello Andra,


Thank you, much appreciated.  Do you by chance know what the avg turnaround time is during this period of delays? 

I'm just unclear what to expect and if I should plan on trying to find a work around with my Action Pack 30 day renewal grace period expiring in a week. 

When I opened the case I believe it mentioned 3 days the response on the ticket I opened actually says to Expect response within: 8 hours.  If it's two weeks I may still be alright, if it's month I need to start figuring out what licenses I would need to acquire to make it until there would be a resolution. 




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I am also running into problems with employment verification.


I have tickets open for business verification: 2102120040005993 and employment verification: 2102160040002763.  I submitted documentation for both just to be on the safe side and hopefully not go from problems with employment verification to then repeat the process with business verification.


I noticed the status switched at one point to verification pending before it went back to failed status but with nothing updated on the tickets I have no idea if what I submitted was rejected or if that is totally unrelated.

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Hi guys

I'm facing the exact same frustration obstacles as you all. @Andra can you help escalate a case to support? 

I already have a ticket open, but nothing happens and when I try to call them on +44 344 800 6006 (selecting MAPS) my call is rejected due to busyness. 

My license expire very soon and me and my customers depend on these licenses to work.

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Hello, I have also an employment verification problem. I have to renew my action pack plan today. I have spent a week in order to fix my problem. nothing change. I opened 2 tickets. I've no response on my tickets. case #2102110040003061 and 2102070040000459. I gave information about my dns renewal invoice. 

please reply to partner quickly

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I am with the same problem with tickets opened on december 15 and no good answerers and no SLA. They just say to have a seat and wait as long as nobody knows.

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Support Case #2101260040003900


I have also been waiting with no response from Microsoft Partner Support... I just don't understand why/how this takes so long. I read the links and uploaded the required documents but I still have not received any response. The 800 support number just says we can't take your call... goodbye. What gives Microsoft? Am trying to purchase the Action Pack to spin up demo servers to show to our client base to make some sales upgrading clients from Server 2008/Exchange 2010 to Server 2019/Exchange 2019. Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated... and "Thank You" in advance! We only have 171 days left on our trial installs.