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Business verification - We were not able to verify your business details

I have been a partner for quite a while.  Now that I'm moving over, I'm finding that my verification failed.  The screenshot tells the story.  I'm just a sole proprietorship and work hard to build apps for clients with .net and sql server and azure.  Being a partner gives me credibility in this process.  I'm not sure what my next step is towards verification, but I've seen Microsoft people reach out on here before, so I'm hoping someone will do so again and give me some assistance.  Thx.



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+1, having the same issue - sole trader and hit the same rejected status at the same point. No idea what to do next!


Hello Daniel,

I am sorry that this has been an unpleasant experience... Can you please share your MPN ID and the e-mail address (you can PM or e-mail me directly) you've used with the subscription? I can direct those to someone who can help get this figured out.


Miki, MPC team

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I had the exact same thing happen to me recently.  I am the sole owner and employee of my business and they couldn't verify 'employment'.  So I created a support ticket and explained everything again, just as I did with the call center employee that called to verify from D&B.  It ended up being escalated and I was asked to provide proof of ownership for my business or domain name.  Simply going into my domain hosting account I was able to grab a screenshot of my domain details which inncluded my name, my business name and address.  My problem may have been that my domain registration is private so they may have just seen the proxy and thought it was bogus.

I didn't receive any notification that the paperwork I submitted was sufficient but in a few days I noticed the rejected status removed.  I followed up with the case manager and they didn't necessarily know either, but I was able to proceed with the CSP enrollment and that is what mattered.  Not sure why support isn't more in sync with why this may be happening and then the person helping me isn't sure what the other team is doing that is reviewing the account for accuracy.  They put the verfication process out to a thrid party and trust them blindly.  The strange thing is I have been a partner for over 2 years and all of a sudden this starts happening, I imagine they want to cull the group witht the new CSP programs.

So, long story short- get in touch with partner support for cloud services and they should be able to get you straightened out.


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I've been a Microsoft Partner for years.  Most recently when I tried logging into the website, I received a message saying that the partner center had migrated to a new site.  I logged into the new site and all of my information transferred over.  

I then tried to order a couple of CSP products through my distributor and received a message that my MPN ID was invalid and that I couldn't continue my order.  I logged into partner center and saw that I am stuck on Employment Verification.  I own the company and haven't received any employment verification calls or emails.  In the meantime, I can't renew or order new products.  Is it because I'm stuck on employment verification?

Can someone please provide some guidance as to what to do next?



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Looks like I am not alone 🙂

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I am having the same problem and with no success with support.  Any news?

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Me too. Signed up a week ago and not movement.

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We are still having this issue.  has anyone figured out how to get the business verification to quit pending?

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I had success.


1. Put in a support ticket via the Support tab in the partner portal.

2. I gave them a receipt from the purchase of my domain, and a letter from my bank (Official business Document). I also gave them a copy of my California Reseller's Permit, just to be safe. I had to give these via attachment in an Email responding to them  asking for them. I couldn't attach them to the ticket itself. 

3. Post here with your ticket number from step 1. This did seem to get some attention on my case, and other falk. That was likely important to getting a timely response. 


This seemed to do the trick. I am now able to resell O365 via Ingram Micro(which is less clunky than it used to be) for my clients. I think the real trick is to know what documents to use. The receipt for the domain purchase MUST have the same name, business name, email and street address that is in your partner profile. Same with the Official Business Document. I imagine a bank statement would also count as an official business document, but I didn't have one yet. But my Credit Union is awesome and they wrote me a custom letter for this purpose. 


I hope those details help others to know what Microsoft wants. I had pretty good response time for my ticket, but I am US based, so might have the priviledge of being in the same time zone as Microsoft HQ. 

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Thanks Erik.  I opened a ticket yesterday, hopefully we will also be able to move forward.  I appreciate your response.


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Same Problem here, I sent all documentation they asked me for (domain ownership, LLC resolution and articles of incorporation) more than a week ago still waiting.


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I have the same issue with my business profile verification, somebody know how solve it?


I appreciate any suggestion to advance in this process.

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I am also in the same boat and no where to go, HELP MICROSOFT


Sorry that you all experienced these problems. I have tried to get some clarity around this and what to do.

Usually the MPN support team should be able to help and escalate this to the team doing the verification, if they do not I can see if I push this forward (I'm not from the team responsible for MPN but more in a technical consulting role, just trying to help here). 


So, first steps would be to raise a support request - e.g. via https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/support or within Partner Center's help section. For the support request choose area: Program/Membership, category: Enrollment, topic: MPN. Then submit an incident. If there is no help within the ticket, please mention the ticket ID here and if possible add a short comment on what reason support gave why they can't help. I'm sorry that I can not directly resolve this without the support ticket information.


I'm also still trying to get somebody from the MPN team answering here. 

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I'm having the same problem spanning a few weeks now.
Eventually reported this to Microsoft on 9th May 2019 SRX1471100204ID - Universal Store?Account Setup | Business verification - Likely Problem Reason.

I have sent screen shots to the Support Person Aldo proving that we are a legitimate company and he has told me that he passed them on to the validation team.
Also sent an email to Aldo last night with two screen shots attached of a specific reason why this rejection issue may be happening to us.
This morning received an email back with the usual I will pass this information on wording.

The Xamarin UWP Project Planning App I have been working on for 2 years sits and waits on this.
Now concentrating on the Xamarin iOS version deployment because I can't get any sign of an early solution from Microsoft.

This process should have been easy compared to writing the App but the frustration level is really annoying with such a simple verification process failing with vague generic messages which fails to enlighten us why this is happening.
Why doesn't it tell us the specific reason for rejection such as this is the telephone number or address etc., we can't verify.

If it’s a security issue then tell us part of the telephone number or address.

Your help would be much appreciated.

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Hello All,


My partner account rejected due to business verification step failed.


Any help would be appreciated.



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I too am experiencing this business verification issue.  Has anyone found a solution or the proper contact at microsoft?

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Trying to register for a reseller account on the Microsoft Partner center and its failing to verify Empolyment status.


I have attached the screenshot , kindly assist.

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Good day Support


The ticket support number is



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I am having the same problem with employment verification and I am the owner of the company with no employees.  Support looks like that does not care about this issue, I am dealing with that for more than 30 days and now I cannot renew my partnership, I think they want me to get out of the program once I am a small company.  I am patner since 2007 and when they change to this new website they change to one that is fancy but does not work at all.  What is the employment verification? How it is done to be rejected?  This is crap of some lazy and bureacratic employee that decides to check a thing that they are not able to check and did not add value to the process. It is frustating and time consuming...

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I am stuck with same problem.