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Business verification - We were not able to verify your business details

I have been a partner for quite a while.  Now that I'm moving over, I'm finding that my verification failed.  The screenshot tells the story.  I'm just a sole proprietorship and work hard to build apps for clients with .net and sql server and azure.  Being a partner gives me credibility in this process.  I'm not sure what my next step is towards verification, but I've seen Microsoft people reach out on here before, so I'm hoping someone will do so again and give me some assistance.  Thx.



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Hi Everyone,


Please note we have moved all threads from MPC on this topic, here. 

From your replies we see the blocker appears on the Business Verification shown below.



Microsoft Partner Network Support is seeing an increased volume of support cases regarding Business Verification topic, hence you are experiencing a longer resolution time than usual.

Due to higher than normal volume, please allow at least 3 weeks for vetting to be completed.  


If you have an MPN membership, you are not impacted by the validation process and can continue using your membership as per notification in yellow.13.png


Because the Microsoft Partner Community is a central destination for thought leadership on business best practices, Partner news, education, events, and new business opportunities, we want to highlight some crucial steps for the Business Verification process. So here goes:

  • Please create a new account with the correct country code if you entered the wrong country code initially.
  • Please update the account information with a complete company name, address, and a valid phone number belonging to your organization and corresponding to the country code.
  • If you already have an open case, to validate the company legal business identity, please provide a scanned copy of an official business document, such as:
    • business registration form
    • business charter


    • articles of incorporation.


! Print screens, screenshots or Snips are not an acceptable form of documentation. Attachments larger than 8mb cannot be received by the system. Please advise if you are unable to provide smaller attachments.


Making sure you added the right data in the system will make the whole process much easier and decrease the time of resolution significantly.


We would also like to remind you that a complementary support service called The Partner Virtual Agent, built using Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service, will be coming to the Microsoft partner website site in the future. For more information, please join this Ask Microsoft Anything event on June 19, 2019.


Have a great day ahead!


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The verification status in the partner profile remains on business verification. I have updated the information a few times without success.

2018-12-17 11_38_46-Partner profile.png

Is there a possibility to restart the verification?

Thank you.

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We have an issue with verification and no idea why?




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I want to get a CSP business off the ground, so far it is just me, sole proprietorship.  I received the call from DB in the second week of March for verification, and awaited email for the email account verification.  About 12 days went by with nothing.  At this point I assumed something did not pass, and redirected my focus to wrapping up some end of quarter tasks and laying out 2nd quarter goals at my "day job."  

I decided today to look in on it again today and see if I can make some headway.  My personal life has changed in a dramatic way in the past month and I wanted to invest some of that momentum into energizing my CSP business efforts.  I noticed in my Hotmail account (which I've used to sign in to the partner network for many years), I was receiving much more focused content from the partner network regarding CSP business development.  This looked promising.  Also, I was tagged as DPOR on an Azure subscription recently, and wanted to see if it reflected on the Dashboard. 


That is when I saw the notice of the application being rejected.  It said my employment with NimbusNeXT could not be verified.  I AM NimbusNeXT!  I can't even seem to find the usage details of the Office 365 subscription I was tagged on.  Well, I also saw in my mailbox (my company mailbox, which is an organization subscription using the Action Pack benefit) that one hour after I set this project down I was contacted by email for verification of the email address, and wonder if my lack of response was the cause of the rejection. 

To be sure, when 12 days had passed since the D&B call and no news, I'd fallen into a somewhat disheartened state, far removed from my initial excitement around doing something life changing for my family.  There is no "rejection resolution" flowchart for me to follow, but I'm not gong to accept that the doorway to opportunity has been closed, and I would like to know just what is my next action to get back on the track.  


In trying to seek guidance, I can't even tell if "Partnership 101" is the correct location for this subject...  hopefully you all are just trying to test my resolve.  





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Dear Microsoft support:


I have had a ticket open for days trying to verify my company here. I even got a DUNS number already and still failing verification ... I have a ticket open ID 619051294499036


Please let me know how to proceed here as I need to get the action pack I have customers asking for cloud services already and I have no ability to get the pack or sign up for SPLA.





Opening a ticket is the right step, the MPN support should be able to resolve this. Your ticket was opened on May 12 - it might take a few days more until you hear back from support since they are struggling with a high workload since a few months already.

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@JanoschUlmerI am also having exactly the same issue. I have had a support ticket open for this issue since 27th Feb 2019. 79 days later and I am no further along. I have had multiple emails going backwards and forwards, all written with a poor level of English, and not one of them seems to understand that I am a sole trader. For instance the last email I recieved today asked me to provide articles of incorporation, which as a sole trader is rediculous because a sole trader is a UK business type that only requires the individual to be reigstered for tax purposes with a UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference). They can trade then under any business name they choose without any form of business name registration. Articles of incorporation are used to establish exsisitence of a business in USA/canada and nothing to do with the UK.


Very sorry to hear that this is going on for almost 80 days now. For reference it would be good to post the ticket ID here.

Did they confirm they will continue working on that - or did they close the ticket? Before they close it they should at least be able to confirm if this kind of business is eligible or not - afaik there is no definition on what qualifies as a business and what not. 

It might be that for this new verification process not all global forms of "companies" were considered (and thus not all forms on how a verification can be provided or how to check on this), and your scenario sounds like one of those were the default process was not designed for. 

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Thanks for your response. The ticket ID is 619022791477024 and the emails I have recieved regarding this use the following reference SRX619022791477024ID. The ticket is still open but generally takes about 2 weeks or more for each response to an update. I am currently a Microsoft Partner Network Member with an active Microsoft Action Pack Subscription, now the 2nd year of subscription.

Before moving to the new Partner Center there did not seem to be an issue and the requirements show for purchasing this subscription, along with business type (IT Consulting Services Provider/Software Support Provider), as "During the purchase process, your company will be validated through Dun and Bradstreet (D&B). D&B verifies the company based on its name, address, website URL, and phone number." For which all evidence was provided at time of initial subscription.

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Add me to the long list of people having problems.


I trade under a DBA (which is registered but doesn't show up in D&B) so I changed it to the parent company -- which is in D&B and made sure everything is correct.


Keeps failing at employment verification failed.  No one called the company's phone number. I do have logs. Didn't get any emails either.



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so do i, i have the same issue, need your help microsoft


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I don't think they care.... my comment was well over a month ago. Although I'm not verifed, I was provided a MPN which was really all I needed.

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Hi, just read your review on the 'rejected' MPN ID business verification.   I agree, dont really care about MS business verification step.  Just need the MPN ID to sign up for SPLA licenses.   Were you able to use your MPN ID to buy from Microsoft ... even without the business verification? 

I am in two minds to just to submit the SPLA contract with the (unverified) MPN ID.   


Depending on where you are in the world - I would recommend calling your Regional Service Center.  If you have an MPN ID, you should be able to get someone on the phone to help you get to the right place.


In the US I know that number is 1800MPNSOLV but will be different based on where you are in the world.

I hope this helps!

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Having the exact same issue.

Partner profile rejected due to business details not being able to be verified.

I believe Dun & Bradstreet are the 3rd party who do the verifications. You would think that if a profile was rejected, someone would call or email to let you know why but that doesn't happen.

All my business details are correct and match with my ABN details with Australian Business Register. It would be very simple for Dun & Bradstreet to verify one's business name and owner by searching ABN Lookup, but obviously they don't. I'm guessing that they are only checking Company details and not those of Sole Traders.

I've contacted Microsoft Partner support who, after spending several hours on the phone, told me that they needed to escalate the case but that it could take up to 12 weeks to have an answer.

Absolutely terrible service once again by Microsoft. If they didn't have such a monopoly, any other business with this poor level of service, would be out of business in a flash. But alas, we are just slaves to Microsoft and they couldn't give a stuff about us small businesses.

In the meantime, my business suffers and I lose work daily because I can't be registered as a partner.

Thanks for nothing Microsoft. You Suck!!!!


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Same here: Rejection without any comment about about the reasons.

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I have the same issue with o365 adm login and no answer from support ticket?

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I am also having the problem and the support are not supportive, the technical team really does not care.

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+1! Same issue! Partner application fails at Business Verification. Please help!

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I'm having the same issue as Daniel. My application failed at the business verification stage, as below.

csp fail.jpg

Could I please have some assistance with this.


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I myself am also a sole trader having the same issue as above ? 

I've tried Live Chat but that didn't really seem to go anywhere if i'm honest. 😞