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Business verification - We were not able to verify your business details

I have been a partner for quite a while.  Now that I'm moving over, I'm finding that my verification failed.  The screenshot tells the story.  I'm just a sole proprietorship and work hard to build apps for clients with .net and sql server and azure.  Being a partner gives me credibility in this process.  I'm not sure what my next step is towards verification, but I've seen Microsoft people reach out on here before, so I'm hoping someone will do so again and give me some assistance.  Thx.



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Same issue.  No way to upload verification documents, there is no "Next" button to press to open a case.  I was verified, then I added LLC to the end of the business name.  Nobody to contact, no way to get help.

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Having the same issue - stuck on Business Verification failed.


I have logged a support request: Ticket ID - 620042094824167 


If anyone can assist with resolving as this has been going on for a while now/



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Good day @rqleslie ,

Thank you for your feedback about the business verification process.
Please refer to the online documentation for the latest information and resources about this topic: https://docs.microsoft.com/partner-center/verification-responses.

Regarding your open support case, refer to your Partner Profile tab in Partner Center for updates about your business verification status.

A quick reminder we’re currently experiencing delays in responding to support requests.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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I have the same problem for more than 3 weeks and I have got a call today from Microsoft Agent request the documents which prove my details to be able to verify my Bussines and Domain.

the question now how to upload the documents? and move to the next step2020-04-24 (3).png

Ahmed Eladham
Community Manager

Hi @ahmedadham ,


Thank you for your message, looks like you have upload options or you can add the files in the open case with support.

2020-04-24 (3).png











Have a great day ahead,


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Thanks, Andra for your reply. I need to know how to upload the documents to my open case because when I go to support I don't see any open or closed cases can you help me with it.



Ahmed Eladham
Community Manager

Hi @ahmedadham ,


I understand.

In this case please submit a case via our online submission process .


Thank you,


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i am also facing the same issue kindly help me, to solve this issue.

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I have been struggling the same issue for the past 2 weeks. I reached a stage where the website asking to create a ticket in partner center, I proceed to click create but it routed me back to the recommendation solutions where there is no way i can submit any documents. Please help!This is very tiring.....

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Good day @haider ,


Thank you for your feedback about the business verification process. 
Please refer to the online documentation for the latest information and resources about this topic: https://docs.microsoft.com/partner-center/verification-responses.  


Kind regards,


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Hi guys,


Man, I have just run into the same issue. Its been over a month now I am battling to prove I am employed by the company I own!?


I own a UK company that was incorporated over 10 years ago, I am a partner with SPLA for years. My partner profile shows verified and authorized.


My partner profile is stuck in the neverending "Employment Verification failed". All details are correct and match the above.


I first logged a support ticket using the link provided a week or two later I was told to contact developer support (SRX620021894759289ID, 620021894759289). I then logged a ticket with developer support ... about a week later they escalated the issue (SRX1495539049ID, case 1495539049).


I provided my business registration documents, VAT registration, Companies House confirmation, and domain registration. I also included a link to public records showing I am the sole shareholder of the company.


I got a mail a few minutes ago saying that my employment verification failed...


Their verification system is clearly broken. How can I not be employed by the company I own, I attached the registration documents. The domain I am using is the SAME domain I registered originally for my SPLA, the same domain I setup an Azure account on, the same domain I validated on Office365.



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I'm getting the same problem in the UK.


I finally got past the email verification, by renewing my domain subscription, to ensure I had an invoice that was dated within the last 12 months. Ridiculous that I renewed the domain on an 8 year lease 3 years ago, but the original invoice was not accepted as it was not within the last 12 months.


Now I am failing on the Business verification and being asked for a document within the last 12 months, despite having provided a Certificate of incorporation, VAT Certificate, and now, a copy of my Corporation Tax Return.


The tax return is from April 2020, but now I have complete radio silence.


Judging by the amount of others that are also experiencing the same/similar issues, this process is fundamentally broken!!!!


Is anyone able to assist regarding support ticket 2009170040002634 that was raised on 17th September 2020?? As despite numerous requests for someone to call me to discuss why the verification keeps failing on a business I have owned for 10 years, nobody seems willing to call.



Community Manager



Thanks for the mention!

The only team equipped to support these sort of issues is the frontline support, as the Microsoft Partner Community is not the dedicated partner support channel.

Please also read this documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/verification-responses#what-is-verified-and-how-to-respond


My suggestion here is to use the same case # and add a note to that ticket, or the person who raised the case and ask for more information (escalate).

Perhaps there are additional documents required from you.


Hope this helps,


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I second that dear nkukard. The verification system is quite useless. It can't verify that a company and an employer with the same name is the same person that owns the company. It seems it's impossible to verification system's perfect world to work in your own company.

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I finally got verified using my 1099-MISC If I did not have that I can imagine what I would have to have done.

Daniel Du Vall
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Do you have a business account for the business, separate from your personal account. Is so, go online and get your most recent statement. That should have all the details needed. If you don't have a sperate business account, I would advise getting one. Both for this, and to help keep things separate and good bookkeeping. Or, do you have any sort of Reseller Permit in your state for handling Sales and Use taxes on equipment or software sales? In California I was able to sign up for this online via the state tax board, and got mine in PDF format more or less the next day. It was free here, might be for you too. Even if you don't resell equipment or software, it might give you the document you need. And there is some nice Margin on laptop sales.

Erik Metzler
Metzler Machinations
M: (408) 204-6150
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Erik Metzler,
Thanks for the advice because I use this for personal training and staying on top of Microsoft software products, I don’t make much to justify an account or much else. The one company I do work for I only bill once a year thus why I only do this as a Sole Proprietorship. I have searched every ware for Alabama business information that would point me to getting a certificate for Sole Proprietorship but come up empty my guess is that they don’t put much weight into it being it’s not required here. I do get once a year a 1099-MISC that has my name and address on it I would think that that should be enough. I have yet to hear back form Microsoft on that.
But thanks for the suggestion I will defiantly look into it I need to keep this in worse case I will get an LLC but that seems in my case overkill and all.

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This appears to be the equivalent to our CA Reseller Permit application process. If it is, it will likely be free. For us, we need one whenever we sell anything subject to Sales or Use tax (mostly physical stuff, but some software). If I don’t sell anything, I just don’t file. BUT it gives an official business document that should satisfy the verification process. It’s worth a shot, and WAY cheaper then getting LLC status.


Good luck.

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Thanks I will take a look at this.
Daniel Du Vall
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I have also been a partner to quite a long time and now I am having issues getting my sole proprietor approved for the business verification step.
I keep getting this from the support tech:
Since you are a sole proprietor, you may send a PDF copy of your certification from the Alabama Secretary of State.
Alabama does not require this:
"If the entity is a sole proprietorship, you are not required to register with the SOS, but you will need to confirm availability of a trade name, should you plan to operate under a different name other than the owner’s legal name."
I am operating under my own legal name "Daniel Du Vall"
The most I can provided is a copy of my 1099-MISC
At this point I am not sure what else to do as I am not going to create an LLC or other business entity just so I can get approved, I don’t make enough money to justify the expense of doing so.