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Business verification - We were not able to verify your business details

I have been a partner for quite a while.  Now that I'm moving over, I'm finding that my verification failed.  The screenshot tells the story.  I'm just a sole proprietorship and work hard to build apps for clients with .net and sql server and azure.  Being a partner gives me credibility in this process.  I'm not sure what my next step is towards verification, but I've seen Microsoft people reach out on here before, so I'm hoping someone will do so again and give me some assistance.  Thx.



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Also we have same problem more than 15 days.

I write to support team about that. They want some document about our company, domain etc.

I sent them also. But today I have same error.


I cannot pass this step.


What can I do about that ?

Community Manager

Hello @yasin2025 ,


Thank you for sharing this information with the community!

Can you kindly share with me either here or in a private message, when was the last communication with support on this topic ?

Please note the vetting process can take even up to two weeks from the moment you send all requested information.


Have a great day ahead,


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I am facing trouble getting my partnership (MPN) validated.

It's been a month I have submitted the MPN verification process and I am still getting : "Your account is being verified" and I am not able to get my partner ID.
You can see the screenshot below :


Can anyone help me finding what's going wrong ?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @rouafi,


Thank you for sharing this matter with the Microsoft Partner Community!

I can see this thread is still open so I will merge it with a larger similar thread for visibility.


Can you please share if and how you progressed in solving this issue ?

Otherwise my recommendation is to reach out to support: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/support

*Please note due to an increased volume in cases it could take up to 2 weeks to get all verified.*


Kind regards,


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So, I'm having the same issue. I have just put in a request (620020594742709). I'm a starting sole proprietorship. I have no website yet. The money from the project to set up O365 for my first client is how I plan to pay for it. I just have a domain, and my own O365 instance. My client is waiting on me to get my reselling ability so I can complete the project. It sounds like this system is not designed for small starting sole propietorships. Should I just abandon the idea of being a reseller as part of my business strategy?

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Hi @ErikMetzler ,


I am really sorry about this hassle.

Please note that the support team currently handles a high volume of requests on Account verification, so it might take up to two weeks to have all sorted.

Thank you for providing the case # here, in case you don`t hear from support in two weeks, please follow-up on this thread.


Regarding the reseller business, have you signed up with a distributor ? for more information please check out this thread https://www.microsoftpartnercommunity.com/t5/Partnership-101/How-Do-I-Become-Microsoft-Reseller/m-p/4563 and this link : https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-solution-provider/find-a-provider.


Hope this helps,


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@Andra Thank you for the details. 


I was looking at Ingram, TechData and SoftwareOne. Ingram I've used in the past with a company but hated their interface. Techdata seemed more geared toward larger companies. SoftwareOne seems a good fit for me. But they require I have my CSP account set up first and I need to do some more research on them first. 


I got a response on my ticket, asking for details. I can provide some of it, but as a Sole Propriator ship, I have no articles of incorperations etc. And as my company has my name in it, I don't need to register anything anywhere in my State. Long store short, this process doesn't seem well suite for small sole propietorships which are legally just extensions of the owner. 

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For others.


I needed to provide a receipt from the purchase of my domain. Which in the case of my Registrar was in the Billing area. It needed to have address, name, businessname, etc that matched my CSP profile.


For the Official Business Document, I got a Letter from my bank on their letterhead stating my name, business name, address, phone number and Email, as they match my domain purchase and information in my CSP profile. I had just opened a business account with them, so I didn't have a bank statement yet. I'll let you know if this works for me, as this might help others get the needed documents for their Sole Propietorships. 

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Having the same problem here. Renewed MAPS subscription last year, now cannot access any software benefits or product keys due to "business verification failed" at step "company validation". I already opened a support ticket last week but have not got any feedback yet. Today, I opened another incident just to be sure I selected the proper incident category. I have provided my business registration form (as PDF, attached to both requests).


Hope to get this resolved soon.


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You are lucky if you are waiting for only one week. I'm waiting for one month and a half, and my issue isn't resolved. The greatest issue in this problem is that Microsoft still believes that companies in each country function like in the USA. They decided or forced by USA law (I don't know to be honest which one is) to make more strict the partner system. So they added an automatic system and a network of national departments to handle the load. Unfortunately, neither work like they are expecting. The automatic system causes more problems than the old one, beginning with the accounts portability which was a real disaster to the company validation which doesn't work properly either. The validation process checks for email ownership, employment verification, and business verification without asking for any files in the process, providing an example to make it clear, something to help you to understand how to continue. It's depended on random tech support, which they aren't directly contacted because you have to provide a ticket and speak with random people that in most cases have no idea how to help you. They only know how to redirect on a random person who in most cases is clueless too and redirects you to another person without helping you at all. In my country Greece, they are quite the worse, doing nothing else than asking me to call random foreign people. Perhaps it looks ideal for you in Microsoft to trap people in the forwarding chain but I feel like you don't respect people with my special situation. I'm not a native English speaker but this wasn't a real problem if we compare it to my hearing impairment. I'm almost deaf and your European policy is to contact people via telephone because it's popular here. I struggle to listen to your random employee, to catch only the half, trying to fill up the missing parts to understand what they are saying and wondering if my answer is the right one. It's very unfair from my perspective of view. I feel like being punished for not being "perfect". The last time I was forced to speak on the phone with multiple people, without helping me at all. I just gave up, because it looked hopeless and the stress was too much to handle on my heavy work schedule. This time I opened a ticket, the person told me that she couldn't do more, I complained, she reassured that the tech support is on my problem and I'm still waiting for an answer. After a month and a half, I believe that I was tricked to let her alone and she never contacted the tech support at all. Honestly, I'm tired of this unprofessional approach and the disrespect of my rights as customer and human being. At the point I'm now, I just want some magical way to make the problem go away in seconds. No other emails, phone calls, conversations or anything.

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Hi @Panakos ,


I am sorry to hear that your case has not been solved at this point.
Please note I took the feedback around the verification process internally.

Also, if you can check your private messages, here on MPC (in notifications tab) , as I have sent you a message last week.


Thank you,




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I will tell my part of this troublesome, annoying story. From the day that Microsoft decided to upgrade their systems, I'm under a terrible course of problems. I get forwarded from the one frontline agent to the next one, discussing with them for hours, unable to help me resolve my problem and just closing my support ticket without a solution.


I get unprofessional explanations like "This is to inform that I received a response from the Escalation team,  the access will not be reactivated as it does not satisfy Microsoft systems or security criteria." letting me without a hint to what to do next, they ask me to rate their customer satisfaction survey without giving me a solution at all and letting me wait for long periods with silly excuses like "We are sorry. We had a problem with our email servers." 


I'm trying to be professional and I spend hours on the phone, which it's very difficult for me as I'm not a native English speaker and I have a serious hearing disability (I'm almost deaf), to find a solution to my problem. I don't see the professional image of Microsoft this year. The Greek department of Microsoft constantly redirects me to a random foreign department, usually by doing nothing at all to help me with any issue I have. They are like they exist only to fulfill the reseller part and nothing else. 


The other departments are like random country department with a lot of people that they don't know even how to forward a problem to the next one, trapping me in a continuous loop of forwarding. The only hope to escape this loop is when they get bored of me and they use their magic move of "closing ticket". 


And now the current issue of mine. I'm trying to download some software from the partner center and I get the dreaded message of "Invalid request. 

One additional step is needed to validate your account. Our account team is on standby and ready to help you. Please contact us with this reference number: XXX-XXXXXX and transaction ID: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX."

Without nobody in the support, line tells me why this issue happens and how to resolve it, I found that it's a problem (probably) with the partner profile (mostly by reading here). I usually stuck on Employment Verification with once passed on Business Verification and I don't know how it did it. For the record, I'm at Employment Verification, because I updated my information from the Greek to English to help the progress of the resolution of this problem.


The reason that I had placed Greek in, was the Greek form that Microsoft appears in random parts of registration. I had a case that a frontline agent told me that he doesn't understand the form, but when a Greek form appears then the logic says that you must fill it in Greek.


Honestly, I'm very tired. The last time, I had a talk with a lot of frontline agents of a week without a solution. This time a frontline agent told me "Don't worry." like she was ensuring that everything will be resolved and when the Escalation Team returned to her this unprofessional message, she felt perhaps her duty done and let a customer that paid the annual subscription with his problem unsolved.


The reason that I wrote here is, that I feel that the frontline agents don't care to resolve my problem and I would like a solution soon. Because I need to work and this postpones my work back, causing damage to my company. 

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Hi Panakos,


Did you ever get this resolved? I'm stuck in the same never ending support loop that no one seems to be able to break through. Even MS employees seem to have no idea what to say. It's driving me mad....





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I got mine resolved but sending a copy of a 1099-MISC from the last 12 months. It was enough to verify me as a soul proprietorship. Since I live in Huntsville, Alabama U.S.A. that is the only thing I could provide to show what they needed. I know it's a royal pain and they really need to find a better way to do this but how I don't know. Microsoft has changed the rules and requirements on this package several times over the years I have acquired it and its maddening. Some of the changes I hate to say is caused by those who think it needed or needs to me more exclusive on that I have some sympathy for this division of Microsoft because you can't please everyone.

Sorry I can't be of more help,
Daniel Du Vall
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The major problem on this is dual. The important one is that they haven't contact me so long to resolve the issue in someway, which it's unacceptable. The other one is the inability of the support crew and especially of the escallation team to understand that this mechanism of validation doesn't work right. It's built on American company registration logic and not on each country special rules. My country has other rules than USA to handle company registration and other vital papers. And the most important issue on this is that the papers are in another language. How are going to understand a paper in Greek?

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That makes total sense you would think someone some where would get the clue but then again its Microsoft ☹

Daniel Du Vall
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No. Unfortunately, no. I'm in complete darkness about this issue. No information, no email, no interest at all about me. The only email I got so far, sharp on the clock, it was the subscription renewal one. I payed because I need the licenses as a professional programmer, but after that I didn't have the duty to do it. I'm kind, patient, understanding but after a point it looks like Microsoft's people don't respect it and find it a good opportunity to support easier cases or people that offend them with sue or subscription drop. I'm not going to become a rude one for this awful treatment on me, but we are over the point of the simple resolve of an issue anymore.


I wish you a better luck than me, because I have lost any faith on Microsoft's crew anymore. I don't expect anything and I'm not sure how they are going to repair the damage they did to this relationship after all these years of collaboration. After months of waiting, they managed to do a serious damage on my job and the only I can do is to repair anything I can by myself.

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I have reached out to another Partner Centre Moderator in the UK - Sophie Ware. Hopefuly she kind get to the bottom of it.


I'll post back here if I get a resolution.





Community Manager

Hi @Panakos,


I am really sorry to see you are hitting a snag on this topic and thank you for sharing this feedback with the Microsoft Partner Community

I`m wondering if the current form you have registered is entirely in english or still has remaining sections in greek, as this might slow down the process?


As my colleague @Mihai mentioned above, indeed this is the best path, to addres directly to frontline support, as they can access your data and take necessary actions or advise.

Aditionally do you have an open support ticket number you could share with me here or in a private message for further check ?


Have a great day ahead!


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I changed yesterday all the Greek text in the customer profile at the partner center to help your crew to resolve the issue. Right now the Legal business profile is awaiting the Employment Verification and the Partner info is stuck on Business Verification. 


The frontline agent answered today that the investigation is still ongoing. Perhaps because I complained directly to her when I read "I will now proceed on closing this ticket." Still, I don't know what else they need from me to help them solve this situation.

Community Manager

Hi @Panakos ,


Alright, I am glad we clarified and this case is being taken care of.

If the verification is still ongoing, it will probabily take a week long or two, given the higher volume of requests.


Do let us know how this progresses!