Business Verification – Updating Business Information in Partner Center

In your organization’s profile in Partner Center, you can find your business verification status. The Global Admin or Account Admin for your organization can access your organization's profile in Partner Center to find your status.

If additional information is needed to verify your information, please review the guidance below.

Criteria for valid business information
Please confirm that your business information in Partner Center meets these criteria:

The name and address are free of spelling errors and abbreviations.

The name and address provided match your formal company business registration records exactly

The primary contact email address is a work account that is monitored and can send/receive email. Do not use:
1. A personal email address not associated with the company domain.
2. A tenant user sign-in not associated to email.

For more information, refer to the online documentation about business verification that explains what we verify, how it’s verified, and what to do to update it.

If you have followed the steps to update your partner profile in Partner Center and the issue persists, you can open a partner support ticket in Partner Center.


If you have a Microsoft Action Pack and/or a competency and would like to learn more about the renewal process once you’ve completed business verification, please visit the renewal guidance page.