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Business Verification, PLEASE HELP. I AM LOSING BUSINESS!!

I have 3 trouble tickets open. No one responds. I have uploaded all documentation. All information is correct.

We are a registered LLC. I have solved 4 tickets on the O365 side while the partner center doesn't even respond. WTH is going on here? This is unacceptable.


2106140040005345 HELP GET ME VERIFIED! I Don't know what you want 6/14/2021, 8:19:28 PM UTC 6/15/2021, 8:19:29 PM UTC
2106140040005258 I can't verify my account. 6/14/2021, 8:04:11 PM UTC 6/15/2021, 8:04:13 PM UTC
2106110040004013 Verification Failed but Information is Correct 6/11/2021, 4:32:01 PM UTC 6/12/2021, 4:32:02 PM UTC

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I replied to your post on this thread: Re: MPN registration waiting Business Verification... - Microsoft Partner Community
Let`s continue the conversation there, I will lock this thread.


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