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Business Verification Failed




I am in the process of becoming a Microsoft partner. I have a business which is limited liability company. So far, I have passed the following steps:

Email verification
Employment verification
But keeps failing at this step:
Business verification
with the message: "We were not able to verify your business details. Follow below instructions to fix: Verify and update company name, address and phone number. Update If issue still persists, please provide a copy of an official business document, such as a business registration form, business charter or articles of incorporation. Email support"
The link to the suggested solution of providing a copy of the official business document doesn't really help. It only shows suggested solutions with no way to upload the required document as you can see in the attached image. Is there a way to email this document directly?





Community Manager

Hello @Anwar2 ,


Thank you for your message!

I see in the image you attached, you should have a Next button to create a ticket to support where you upload these documents. As I don't have visibility in Partner Center, can you let me know if you see the Next button ?
If not, please use this link to create a case with support: https://partner.microsoft.com/support



Hope this helps,


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No, there is no Next button in the page. The link you shared is the one which took me through few steps before reaching this page which was supposed to allow me to upload the document. I tried both Edge & Chrome browsers to see if I can see the Next button with no luck. 

Community Manager

Hello Anwar,


Thanks for your feedback!

Most likely you have landed on the documentation.

Please file a support case following the highlighted question mark in the upper right corner.




Have a great day ahead!