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Action Pack and Windows 11

Now that Windows 11 is officially released, any word when the final version will be included in the Action Pack?


Seems like a core thing that should be available for lab analysis.

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same problem here, Action Pack only. so far it was always released early, doesn't even the contract say, we should always have the newest software in use, so that our customer see that we are using it? 

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Yes, one possible way around this is to get the $0 sku to convert the Windows10 Enterprise to cloud licenses, but as partners, we really shouldn't have to do that.  IT will be interesting to see if Win11 and Server 22 pop up on action pack.  I owned a Gold Partnership that I sold and part of that sale was I could not own/run ect another silver/gold partner for X number of years.  I can do so solely as a consultant - so the likelihood of me being a silver/gold is close to zero anytime soon.   But these benefits should be standard in the base of the action pack, regardless of level.  I miss the old MSDN days right now.  

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Same here, thx for pointing this out @pcomazzi