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Action Pack Renewal 2018


I am having a very frustrating time renewing my company's action pack subscription and any help would be very welcome.

Our subscription to Action Pack dates back to 2007-ish and each year we have renewed it.

The renewal date was 1st July 2018 and in keeping with the new MS policy, I have tried several times since then to renew the subscription.

I have tried using more than 1 browser including MS Edge.

I have logged in the Partner Center using the hyper-link (from the page> ) in the message below.

"Your MPN membership and benefits information was successfully moved to Partner Center. Go to Partner Center to manage your MPN membership, use your membership benefits, and make purchases."

But no 'Purchased' option appears on the page " ", nor can I see any other option on the page that might lead me to renewals.

Many thanks,

David Wood

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Did you get a reply as I am having the same problem...

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Hello GSBennett,

I was trying to log on with the wrong user id and password.

Our account had already been migrated to the partner centre, which required my user id ending, but I was trying to use my standard
Microsoft work/school user id.

Good luck

David Wood