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Action Pack - Payment declined, but showing as pending with Bank


My MPN has now finally been approved. 🙂


The new issue I have now is when I was making payment for the Action Pack it was declined. So I tried multiple times, using both my company MasterCard and when that failed 3 times, I used my personal Visa Card, which also failed. Why they have failed is beyond me. I've logged into both of my bank accounts to find 3 x pending payments of £350 on my business account and 1 x payment of £350 from my personal account.


My Bank have asked me that they cannot confirm if the payment of these amounts will be return and hence to contact the merchant, in this case that being Microsoft.

I have now raised this with MS Support, Ticket ID: 2103220040001385


The other issue I have is when I entered my VAT details, which is just a series of numbers (In the UK), but for some reason I had to add GB in front of the numbers. However, a VAT of 20% was not added.


I'm  actually very shocked that;


a) It takes so long to get MPN authoursied

b) There are payment issues.



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Hi @Sultanad ,


Thanks for followin-up and sharing your experience with the community. I am glad you passed the verification process and I think you should continue to work with support on this matter, the payment issue will likely be solved soon.


Thanks for your patience,