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Action Pack - Incorrectly redeemed 1 of my IUR License Key... Need Help

Dear Team,


I have incorrectly redeemed 1 of my partner benefit IUR key.


Issue details: My Dynamics 365 - Customer Engagement for 5 licenses showed as expired.
So i grabbed my Partner IUR key and added that to my current environment through admin portal.
Now I see 10 licenses which will expire in 6 months.
What i was expecting to happen was that my current 5 licenses will renew for 1 year.

I am guessing that i have done something wrong.

I am doing back and forth with Partner Center support team since 2 weeks now...and there is no resolution yet...the team is now asking me to contact Dynamics 365 Support team...(I am pretty sure that Dynamics Support team will eventually redirect me back to Partner Center Support Team since this is issue in relation to MAPS Partner benefit Key ...based on my past experiences)


Can someone from Partner Center Team please guide me as how can I get this resolved quickly?


So you have not chosen the option a to extend as displayed here Azure & Cloud Products Benefits Tab for MPN Partners in Partner Center ( , but did choose Option B to add seats? Afaik, any resolution is only possible  within the first 30 days after activation. 


What is the Partner Center support team expecting that the Dynamics Support team will do? Afaik the only option is that Partner Center support team will deactivate the activated licenses and then provides a new key - doing this is up to the decision of the MPN team though.

Kind regards, Janosch
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Exactly...unnecessarily the MPN team is trying to move over the issue to Dynamics team for resolution!


I had redeemed the key on Nov 3... and same day I raised the ticket too...

Till date ... am just being doing back and forth with MPN Support team... NO resolution...