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Partner Enablement

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Consulte as novas formações do mês de Abril!

Consulte as formações disponíveis para parceiros Microsoft e inscreva-se já:

  • Apps & Infra

9/04 : Windows Virtual Desktop Community Event

12/04-14/04 : Introduction to Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes (AKS)

14/04 : SAP on Azure Monthly Deep Dive

15/04-16/04 : Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Implementing Hybrid Infrastructure

20/04: WEWC1512 Transform into an Azure Managed Service Provider - Community Call

21/04: WEWC1790 Microsoft Western Europe - Azure Advanced Specializations training

22/04: WEWC1627 Fasttrack On-boarding to Microsoft WVD with Liquidware Essentials

22/04-23/04: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Modernize .NET Apps

26/04-30/04:Migrating Open Source Databases (RDBMS and NoSQL) to Azure - VTS

28/04-29/04: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: DevOps with GitHub

29/04: WEWC1669 What's New on Azure - April

9/04-30/04: WEWC1672 Quoting an Azure Cloud Journey

30/04: WEWC1669 What's New on Azure - April


  • Data & AI:

12-04-13/04 : Microsoft Event (mktoevents.com)

21/04: WEWC1790 Microsoft Western Europe - Azure Advanced Specializations training

26/04-30/04: Migrating Open Source Databases (RDBMS and NoSQL) to Azure - VTS


  • Business Apps:

8/04 : WEWC1658 Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management applications Webseries

10/04: Microsoft Certification 365 Saturday | Power Platform Community Event

12/04-15/04: Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Migration Virtual Workshop

13/04: Dynamics 365 Business Central Launch Event

14/04: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Build a Resilient Supply Chain

14/04: TechTalk: Getting your F&O environment ready for priority-based throttling

16/04-17/04: D365 Business Central Bootcamp – Power Community

20/04: WEWC1679 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

21/04: WEWC1704 How to make Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Business Central work together

20/04-22/04: WEWC1653 Power Platform Governance Workshop

22/04: Power Platform Partner Series - How to Build an Automation Practice

27/04: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Activate Digital Selling

28/04: Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency option

29/04: TechTalk: Dynamics 365 Cutover and Remote Go Live Strategy (DYN982PAL)


  • Modern Work & Security: 

13/09/04:4-15/04: PROSCI ® Change Management Certification Program

21/04-22/04: Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day: Enable Remote Work with Microsoft Teams

26/04-27/04: Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day: Building Microsoft Teams Integrations and Workflows

29/04-30/04: Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day: Protect Sensitive Information and Manage Data Risk



  • Licensing & Incentives: 

13/04: HPWC036 April FY21 Cloud Incentives_ Update for Western Europe Partners driving Azure Consumption

13/04: Partner Licensing Academy: New commerce experience: licensing the Azure services

14/04: CSP Spotlight

20/04: HPWC037 April FY21 Update on Incentives for Partners driving Active Usage

20/04: Partner Licensing Academy: Getting Started with the Partner Licensing Academy

27/04: Partner Licensing Academy: Licensing Windows Server in Azure

28/04: Licensing Updates