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Partner Enablement

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Consulte as novas formações - 04 de maio a 18 de Maio

Consulte as novas formações das primeiras semanas de Maio e inscreva-se:


  • Apps & Infra:

03/05-07/05: WEWC1744 Azure Migration and Enablement Bootcamp

06/05: WEWC1630 Ezeep - Easy printing for WVD

10/05-12/05: Introduction to Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes (AKS) - VTS

06/05: SEWC066 SAP Enterprise Scale landing Zone

11/05-12/05: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Implementing Hybrid Infrastructure

11/05-18/05: WEWC1792 A Deep Dive into Azure Network security and Threat Management: Monitoring and Troubleshooting

18/05: WEWC1513 Transform into an Azure Managed Service Provider - Community Call

18/05: DKWC045 Snapshot debugging (in production and troubleshooting in general)

18/05-19/05: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: DevOps with GitHub


  • Data & AI:

06/05-07/05: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Deliver Integrated Analytics with Azure Synapse

10/05-12/05: Introduction to Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes (AKS) - VTS


  • Business Apps:

04/05: Microsoft Business Applications Summit

10/05: Microsoft Power Platform Virtual Training Day: App Maker

10/05-12/05: PROSCI ® Change Management Certification Program

13/05: Power Platform Partner Series - Power Platform and Teams are Better Together

13/05: Unlock the power of Dynamics 365 Commerce to reach your retail business potential - Dynamics 365 Commerce - Store Inventory

15/05-16/05: Power Apps Saturday at Power Platform Developer Bootcamp | Community Event

17/05-18/05: WEWC1743 Robotic Power Automation Deep Dive


  • Modern Work & Security:

26/04-13/05:  Microsoft Viva: Fundamentals for Partners

03/05-04/05: Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day: Enable Remote Work with Microsoft Teams

05/05-06/05: Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day: Secure and Protect Your Organization

11/05-12/05: Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day: Protect Sensitive Information and Manage Data Risk

11/05-12/05: Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day: Building Microsoft Teams Integrations and Workflows


  • Licensing & Incentives:

04/05: Partner Licensing Academy: Licensing SQL Server in Azure

11/05: HPWC043 May FY21 Cloud Incentives_ Update for Western Europe Partners driving Azure Consumption

11/05: Partner Licensing Academy: Azure services: Cost-effectiveness in the cloud

18/05: HPWC044 May FY21 Incentives for Partners driving Active Usage

18/05: Partner Licensing Academy: Licensing the Microsoft servers in the cloud