Partner Bot: The next phases

Since launching in August 2020, the Partner Bot project has grown exponentially, more than doubling its FAQ library and the number of pages where the Bot is available for access. Highlights over these last few months include:


New content

When the Partner Bot launched, it had an FAQ library of around 500 question and response. As of January, the Partner Bot FAQ library consists of over 1,000 (and counting) question and response pairs.


The Bot is also now available on eight pages on, up from three during the initial launch. The content covered by the Bot includes Competency recommendations, steps to subscribe and renew Action Pack, publishing to Marketplace guidance, and more. The full list of where Partners can interact with the bot is below. 


Attain a Competency Bot flowAttain a Competency Bot flow


New features
One of the most important features that the team wanted to implement after the initial launch was the ability for partners to sign in. This feature enables us to provide much more targeted and relevant help and guidance to our partners.

Other exciting features include:

  • Voice command: Hit the mic button when interacting with the Bot to use voice
  • Updates to QnA maker to further ensure the AI provides the most relevant responses

New design
Since launch, we’ve made several major updates to the design—including the ability to enlarge the window.

Updates to Bot interface designUpdates to Bot interface design

What’s next
Making the Partner Bot available in multiple languages is also on our roadmap—we hope to have these complete before the end of summer 2021.


We will continue to leverage partner feedback insights to revise and launch content and technical features. The ultimate goal of this project is to ensure our partners have what they need to maximize their Microsoft Partner Network membership. If you have feedback or ideas on the Partner Bot project can achieve this goal, feel free to leave comments below or send them to


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Is this Bot project still alive? Is this application something that I can use in 2023?