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Net IT applies marketing automation for lead nurturing

During the pandemic, one of the things Net IT marketing focused on, was the creation of lead nurturing flows for a range of target audiences. The goal of the automated lead nurturing is to keep leads interested and guide potential customers through the customer journey from lead to opportunity.


Generating inbound leads isn't the most difficult part. The real challenge for marketing in (complex) solution selling is guiding the leads up to the point that they become sales-ready.  From experience, we've learned that it's a complete waste of time and resources if marketing sends every generated lead to sales, because most of those leads aren't ready to buy yet. (Inbound lead > MQL > SQL )


That's where lead nurturing comes in. When marketing detects an interesting lead, a targeted automatic nurturing flow is started. When you see a lead effectively going through the nurturing flow and ending up contacting the sales people being well prepared and ready to buy, that feels like hitting the jackpot.
























In Microsoft Dynamics 365, the marketing automation technology enables you to automatically track all the different interactions that individuals have with the digital marketing assets (views of web pages, blogs & landing pages, submitted web forms, opens and clicks on e-mails, and much more).


However, in solution selling, a decision making unit often consists of more than 5 individuals. That's why it's important to look at the marketing attribution for a group of people and not just for 1 individual. Net IT created custom reports that group together the different digital marketing touch-points from all people at the same company. This provides insight into the group dynamic within the DMU during the customer journey.


The marketing automation capabilities on the Dynamics 365 platform enable marketers to see what's working and what's not. This allows marketers to continuously improve marketing efforts.


About Net IT

Net IT helps organizations to work smarter, to develop a 360° view of the customer and to create optimal customer experiences.

The main technology focus of this Microsoft partner is Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.

Net IT provided marketing automation solutions for customers in various sectors such as government, banking and insurance, distribution, higher education, service companies, manufacturing and non-profit.