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WEBINAR | AI Market Trends: Third-party Market Research Insights Tech Talk

Join us for awareness on the rapidly evolving AI industry and alignment to the Microsoft AI platform. Learn about the various market trends in the AI industry such as AI on the Edge, ethical and responsible AI, and more. We will talk through the current tools and frameworks being adopted within the community, as well as the most popular AI use cases we see today. We will also share the common challenges that businesses and developers face when working with AI adoption and share tips on how to resolve them. Finally, we go through Microsoft's AI strategy and its evolution to address market needs.


AI adoption has been beneficial to many businesses both large and small. Gaining insight into some of the challenges with AI as well as some of the current market trends helps to democratize AI. This knowledge can then be applied to our day to day jobs, helping us direct conversations with customers in the most helpful manner.


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