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Upskill your employees and reduce training time with Virtual Reality

In our fast paced environment, companies have to continuously improve their employees' skills agility to remain competitive. Virtual reality (VR) training is proven to be the most efficient way to improve hard and soft skills: it accelerates the onboarding time by 200%, while reducing training cost by 50%. However, many enterprises still perceive virtual reality as expensive and complicated.


As a Microsoft partner, Uptale offers the first VR platform that enables enterprises to create cost effective immersive learning at scale. Uptale is an enterprise solution which enables companies to improve the learning efficiency of their employees thanks to immersive learning. Along with premium services, Uptale provides a cloud platform to create, deliver and track training experiences in 360° and virtual reality at scale. Organizations, such as Disney, L’Oréal, Schneider Electric or Harvard are already using the platform to upskill operational teams, onboard newcomers or create empathy in different situations


Please join this session to discover Uptale's platform features and benefits with concrete KPIs and use cases, such as:

  • $75k saved per year for plant safety training for an industrial automation company
  • 15% improved productivity for a car manufacturer
  • +8pt in global customer satisfaction for an hotel chain
  • x3 faster onboarding time for operators on oil rigs

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