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Making Magic - Unleash the power of Internet of Things (IoT) with DeviceTone

Learn how to instantly connect any electrical product to the cloud and your business application with Cloud of Things DeviceTone™ Suite for Azure IoT, a full-stack, ready-to-run IoT solution with plug and play hardware, Dynamics 365 Connect, open APIs, and CloudSwitch. Quickly build a scalable, secure IoT solution that allows you to keep your own proprietary IP, mitigate your project costs or risk, and shorten your time to market with DeviceTone. A complete, agile and open solution, DeviceTone empowers system integrators and product companies to deliver a time-tested IoT solution with mass-produced connected products with use cases in three of the fastest growing IoT segments: Manufacturing & Logistics, Smart Cities & Buildings, and Smart Energy & Utilities. DeviceTone comes with a set of pre-integrated sensors and plug and play hardware modules that fits into any electronic product, making your devices smart with data connectivity in no time.


Join us in this exciting session to hear about how you can free up your time from developing hardware or firmware and run DeviceTone directly on your Azure IoT instance. Our Azure Marketplace and Cloud of Things experts will run you through the capabilities and features of DeviceTone and get your questions answered. Please be sure to register to secure your spot.