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Architecture Insights for Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud computing service offered by Microsoft that helps developing scalable, secure and performant cloud solutions. Azure has the capability to host virtual machines in addition to offer access to a range of applications hosted in the cloud without any extensive know-how of the development tools. Managing the virtual machines and possessing to work in the hybrid environment is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s cloud age. Understanding and architecting the Azure architecture is a must-have skill developers and administrators need to acquire to craft rich Azure solutions.

This webinar is a foray to explain the Microsoft Azure architecture and guide you through the techniques to design the same with much needed knowledge of the related aspects.

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  • Understanding Azure Architecture
  • How to control costs to maximize the resource utilization and minimize the data egress
  • How to migrate to Azure- the on-premise and Azure movable components
  • Understanding the initial migration of physical and virtual machines
  • How to convert web applications hosted in the Fabric
  • How to design a hybrid environment
  • How to secure the important company information
  • How to outsource grief to Azure to retain maximum LOB process control