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Microsoft presents «Machine Learning Pioneers»

Microsoft Norway is proudly presenting «Machine Learning Pioneers» – data science and tech leaders who are pioneering in the machine learning space and making a tremendous impact in their respective industries. 


The buzz

Machine learning is probably one of the buzz words of the decade. But beyond the buzz, many organizations are reaping tremendous benefits from applying machine learning across their businesses – from enhancing customer experience to empowering employees, from optimizing operations to enable innovations. 


The breakthroughs

Machine learning used to be difficult as it requires a large volume of training data, demanding compute power, and a high level of data science expertise. This has drastically changed with the advancement in cloud computing services. To train a machine learning model, an organization can easily access data from their cloud-based data platform (e.g. Azure Synapse Analytics) and rapidly spin up virtual machines optimized for AI and machine learning development (e.g. Azure Data Science Virtual Machines). Automated machine learning services (e.g. Azure AutoML) make deep data science expertise no longer a necessity. 


The challenges

Despite the technological breakthroughs, organizations still face challenges in areas such as


  • Building an organization that is ready for machine learning 
  • Hiring and retaining the right talents for machine learning 
  • Identifying and prioritizing machine learning use cases 
  • Evaluating and assuring the quality of machine learning solutions 
  • Moving machine learning projects from proof-of-concept into production 


The pioneers

To address these topics, we have gathered some brilliant folks who are pioneering in the machine learning space in Norway. They come from different industries and represent both large and small organizations. What they have in common is that they all have a deep understanding of the machine learning space and extensive experience leading machine learning teams and projects.


Here comes the first-ever group of «Machine Learning Pioneers» presented by Microsoft Norway:



















The interview series

Want to hear more about each pioneer’s personal journey and learn more about their domain expertise? Make sure to check out the 1-1 interviews below!