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Microsoft for Startups: more success stories from Norway!

Microsoft for Startups is a global program that helps B2B & B2C tech startups to successfully develop further and scale their business with Microsoft. Benefits for startups include:  


  • Azure credits (5k, 25k, or 120k USD),  
  • Licenses: O365GithubPower Platform, and more 
  • Unlimited technical or architectural design reviews  


Full list of benefits:


















You can nominate startups to the program by filling out an internal application form here  



Success stories from Norway





Infotiles is undoubtedly one of the biggest Microsoft for Startups success stories from Norway. 


Helping to #BuildFor2030 

Making an impact starts with bringing solutions to the market. Inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the #BuildFor2030 campaign helps partners who are making a difference amplify their solutions in the commercial marketplace with added go-to-market benefits. Infotiles are proud to be one of the selected partners taking part in this campaign with their solution aligning with the UN’s SDGs. Their solution enables more sustainable water usage by digitizing the environmental engineering departments within municipalities with data and information flowing seamlessly in real-time across departments. 


Read more here: #BuildFor2030 and InfoTiles 


CUSTOMER REFERENCE STORY Infotiles + Lillestrøm Kommune 

Microsoft Customer Story-Lillestrøm municipality adopts digital smart city solution to remotely monitor hydro utilities, anchor broad sustainability effort 






Völur with its AI for Meat Industry solution aims to revolutionize meat production and help meat producers use the least amount of global resources to satisfy market demand. Through optimizing meat value chains, with the current focus on cutting and processing, Völur helps to choose the most efficient recipes, predict cause-effect outcomes, and makes real-time recommendations driven by market demand. 


Shifter article: Leverer programvare til kjøttindustrien: Henter 10 millioner kroner  





Spoor — next generation biodiversity monitoring 

Spoor is a SaaS data platform that enables continuous monitoring of wildlife for offshore wind farms, pre-and post-construction. Spoor is leveraging existing infrastructure and computer vision coupled with AI to provide valuable environmental insights with higher accuracy, resulting in informed decision-making, planning, and operations. Ultimately, de-risking new builds and capturing transferable knowledge from one project to the next.