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At Microsoft Build, Microsoft is delivering tools developers can use today


Last night, May 24, this year's edition of Build, Microsoft's annual developer conference, kicked off with a digital presentation by our CEO Satya Nadella. The presentation focused on Microsoft's continued strategy of enabling developers to work more flexibly, securely and innovatively. This year's edition of Build runs for three days, from May 24-26th. 


Watch the Microsoft build opening by Satya Nadella as he presents how Microsoft is creating new opportunities for developers across our platforms:  Microsoft Build Opening

In addition to Satya Nadella's introductory presentation, there were also other people from Microsoft who shared exciting news and demos. Among others, Kathleen Mitford, CVP Azure Marketing; Amanda Silver, CVP, Head of Product Developer Division; Scott Guthrie, EVP, Microsoft Cloud + AI Group; Julia Liuson, President, Developer Division; Panos Panay, EVP & Chief Product Officer. 


Throughout the event, there will also be a variety of in-depth sessions on specific news and products to take part in. Tonight, May 25 at 6 p.m. Swedish time, Kevin Scott, CTO, will talk more about the future of AI-based development tools.


Highlight and news: 

AI-based tools that enable developers to revolutionize their work 

We'll share the latest updates around Microsoft's investments in major language models. In addition, a preview of next-generation AI solutions is presented that will allow developers to develop new software more efficiently.


Scale your apps anywhere with Microsoft Dev Box

Introducing the Microsoft Dev Box, which gives developers access to high-performance and cloud-based workstations that are preconfigured for specific projects.


Introducing Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Find out how we're enabling our customers to adapt to new systems and landscapes, further develop applications, and stay in control of their data using Microsoft's new Intelligent Data Platform.


Develop using collaborative apps and low code in Teams and Power Platform

We're announcing new ways for developers to connect with Teams and its collaboration structure—both by incorporating an app directly into Teams and by assigning Teams capabilities to existing apps. In addition, we will highlight Microsoft's low-code tools and show how the technology enables more people to develop apps.


Build next-generation experiences at scale with Windows

Announcing new innovations for Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store to developers. For example, new tools for app development are introduced, new ways for developers to both grow and run their business through the Microsoft Store. In addition, a new AI-based development kit, Project Volterra, and an extensive Arm toolchain for developers are presented.



To take part in everything that has been presented, please visit the official Microsoft blog or Microsoft's build 2022 landing page where you can, among other things, take part in our Book of News. Visit Microsoft Sweden´s official page to read the blog on Swedish.