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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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What is the MFA enablement deadline for CSPs?

Supposedly at some point we had been given a date, 01/20/20, 01/21/2020 or 1/31/2020.  We cannot find any documentation or email with the exact date for the security requirement introduced in the CSP program to have MFA enabled on all accounts.  Can anyone shed any light as to what this date is?  Hopefully it isn't Monday.  Thanks.

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I would also like to know is there a drop dead date? I cannot find that on the CSP website.


Contractually the date was August 1, 2019 and with respect to technical enforcement been happening over the past several weeks. Your tenant might not have been impacted because everything is happening in waves. So, our recommendation is that you secure the users in your Azure Active Directory tenant using multi-factor authentication as soon as possible.