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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Learn and ask questions on how to implement MFA

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What are the technical details of how these requirements will be implemented?

It would be great for us to have a way to test our system before August 1st and know if things will break ahead of time. How can we do that?


I've heard suggestion of using the baseline policy, but that it is not required to use the baseline policy.

I've heard that using AAD P1 conditional access gives us better control of the MFA policy and other things. But then in the same breath told that some of those features will not work with the requirements go into effect.


Assuming we have all the required licenses, what policy can we create to test the exact scenario that will be implimented on August 1. If there are things that we can't test today because the existing policies don't support the requirments you plan to enfoce. Are there certain aspects of the policy that may or may not be available to impliment ahead of time? Elaborate. Be transparent. Or, wait until you are ready to be transparent to set a deadline that needs to be shared with us.


I'm not a big fan of the hurry up and impliment things with no way to know if you have implimented them correctly by July 1... Just kidding you have until August 1, but we still can't tell you how to verify if they are setup correctly yet. Stay tuned we will tell you soon!