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Partner Center / MPN / MFA

One question I have not been able to answer from the published information on security requirements: Does mandatory MFA apply to Microsoft Partner Network?


Background to the question: We are technology-agnostic consultancy enrolled in MPN for the MS side of the business. We enforce MFA for admin accounts, but are reluctant to enforce it for all users, most of whom have no need to access Partner Center.


It does not apply to MPN (does not apply to the tenant where Partner Center is used for managing MPN status only).

The requirements only apply to Partners acting as CSP Reseller or for Partners acting as advisor (where delegated administration is also possible). 

Or, in other words, it does not apply if in your Partner Center only "MPN" appear as navigation item, and not CSP - if "CSp" is visible and you see the option for customer management under CSP, the requirements would apply to this tenant.

Kind regards, Janosch
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