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Moving a user from Skype for Business on-premises to Teams

When performing the move from the Skype Control Panel, you are prompted to log into Office 365.  If try to log in with an account enabled with MFA, you will not be able to authenticate to Office 365.  You need to use a non-MFA account in order to move a Skype user from on-prem to Teams.


Do you have an alternative solution for this challenge?




PS:  The whole "label" requirement to post this is a PITA.  Not giving me any suggestions at all as to what to choose, just telling me can't be blank and doesn't like what I randomly type in there.  Thought previously I could type in x and it would say x is bad, but here's a list....but no list today it seems (had to hit xxxx to trigger the label suggestion box)


As I see it the only option is indeed using a user account not protected with MFA, I know that Skype Admin Center does not play well with CSP delegated admin rights in general - which is why many Partners need to create user accounts in the customer tenant in order to do administration (no longer required when using the Teams Admin Center)

Kind regards, Janosch
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@JanoschUlmer or @idwilliams  is this something you could advise on, to have it documented ?

I haven`t seen a similar thread to merge this with. (:


Thank you!