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Microsoft Store Publishing

Hi, another problematic use case. In our Partner Center, we also have Microsoft Store profile for publishing apps. We for example develop custom app to connect to Dynamics CRM (even our own) for work reporting.


This has currently two problems:


  • Publish app package from Visual Studio fails (but will be addressed as their team as they said).
  • Someone from Microsoft want to test the application and want to use it. It is based on policies in Microsoft Store that every app must be checked by Microsoft if not fail, or is comply in content. This random guy from Microsoft must sign-in with our credentials and test this app.

With MFA in place for this account, such tester must register to our tenant. If another is assigned, we must revoke MFA and the other one must register again. What is problem? We do not know when testing happen. And app is denied as not usable currently from Store publishing, because tester does not even try to register to MFA. How to solve this without option to except this one special account which has access only to dummy records in CRM and nothing else?