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Cloud Based Single Sign On and MFA

Our company is deploying SSO solutions via a Cloud Based Third Party App such as JumpCloud in lue of not having a domain controllers for small businesses that can sync with Azure, that then presents an MFA challenge for users. JumpCloud then requires DUO Mobile for the MFA Challenge. Does this meet the 3rd party MFA requirements that need to be implemented by August 1st? 


From a contract perspective the solution is compliant if MFA is enabled/enforced for each user in the tenant - but in order to determine if it also does technically work once technical enforcements starts I'd recommend reviewing this guidance:



It seems to me JumpCloud is integrated with AzureAD similar to how ADFS would be integrated - and generally 3rd party MFA solution could be integrated in ADFS. So I do not see a major blocker. However - Microsoft does not test 3rd party MFA solutions.

Kind regards, Janosch
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