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multiple Exchange accounts in Outlook


I looking for a way to setup multiple Exchange accounts in Outlook. We have Exchange 2016 Standard and Outlook 2016 on the computers.

I have one account which has to be setup for 5 users additionally to their existing account. This account is on the same Exchange server with the same domain name.

So far I created a shared mailbox and now the users are able to send and receive mails from this shared account. But the shared mailbox is not searchable and this is a problem. And is not accessible from OWA.

My goal is to setup this additional Exchange account in Outlook and I want the users to be able to use it as their main account(without send on behalf or other compromises), just like with IMAP accounts.

PS: as I write this just came up with the idea: is it possible to setup this additional account as an IMAP account? If yes what will be the limitations?