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Windows 10 WINRE and Recovery Partition issues

Has anyone else seen an Issue with the Recovery partition starting with 1709 Volume media. Retail was fin until 1809 now it has the same problem.

Partition by default is 499MB and from waht I read the partition needs 50% free to install WINRE issue is that there is a folder labeled [DELETD] within WINRE.wim that makes it to large to install to the partition. This as i said is only present in the Volume media for 1709, 1803 and in both the retail and volume media of 1809 (as of the 11/13 rerelease of 1809). We have tested with 1703 and had no issues. This only came to light when trying to enable bitlocker and it was saying it wanted to create a new recovery partition (this partition size was 602MB). 

Our work around was during installation we had it create the partitions then deleted all but recovery then had it create the partitions again this time deleting the 2nd recovery partion allowing the first to be resized into a 998MB partition. after this WINRE installed fine. 


Sorry for the poor writing...