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Run application as a non administrator



We have an application that was developed by Epicor.  It is called Vista.  It is supported for running on Windows XP and Server 2003, but we have to make it run on Windows 10 and Server 2019.  The program will run without any issue as a limited user in XP and Server 2003 but it will only run if the user is a domain administrator on Windows 10 and Server 2019.  We do not want to make the user a domain admin for obvious security reasons, but we need to make the application run.  How do we determine what permissions and user rights assignments we need to allow so that this user can run this application on Windows 10 and Server 2019?  We have already tried using Procmon and haven't found anything specific.  Please advise.




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I'd probably ask the vendor here about this or possibly an upgrade.





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We cannot upgrade at this time and must use this version. We can't make the users administrators. The vendor doesn't support this version any more. We need to figure out how to make this version run as a non-administrator.
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Only the application developer knows the code and how it interacts with operating system and resources it uses. I'd ask the vendor about an upgrade or you may have to look for another vendor's product that provides the same or similar functions.



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We have years of history in this application's database and will need to continue to run it for several years. The vendor has stopped supporting it and offers no upgrade path. We have to use this version.
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Sounds like you'll need to continue running XP / 2003 until you can come up with a migration plan.