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Microsoft Office 2013 'Mail Merge' and Latest Updates

Greetings Microsoft & Fellow Users,

This is our first post on the new Partner Community! We're kicking off this test post with merely a simple question about Microsoft Office. Anybody want to give it a shot?
We have a client who, firstly, hasn't done their O365 migration. They insist on using Office 2013 and they're now having a Mail Merge problem that is slowly spreading through their office, presumably due to updates (what's more, they have Constant Contact but insist on using Mail Merge). The Mail Merge problem is the interaction between Word 2013 when preparing the Mail Merge, and Outlook 2013 as the sending mechanism.

1.) On a Windows 10 desktop computer, with latest Office 2013 Service Pack:

From Word - > Outlook : Mail Merge using HTML will not interact with Outlook at all, whatsoever.
From Word - > Outlook: Mail Merge using Plain Text works right away, and sends to all recipients as needed, as can be seen in the Outlook Outbox.

2.) On another Windows 10 desktop computer with older Office 2013 Service Pack, problem does not exist.

3.) FYI: We had the client test on a Windows 7 laptop using Office 2013, and everything worked fine.

Finally, more of their Win10 users are losing Office 2013 Mail Merge functionality.

Would anybody be interested in sharing any insight on this? 


Wishing all a prosperous week,
Very Best Regards,

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If anyone Mail Merge in single PST files then I prefer to third party tool is KDETools PST Merge.


Read More: https://www.kdetools.com/pst-merge.html

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